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  1. McCain and Romney are RINOs. Manchin and Sinema are DINOs.
  2. Thinner clouds this morning but with the late sunrises, mornings are looking extra gloomy.
  3. Nor Cal and Oregon have a less deep marine layer, but it seems to be sticking better. Looks like Central Coast should clear out over the next few hours.
  4. Lots and lots of clouds out there for at least the first half of any cruises from San Diego to Hawaii.
  5. Could be the steady eddy, but that usually does not affect the Central Coast.
  6. It takes a powerful government in order to compel people, who are by nature greedy and selfish, to share things equally, which pretty much always leads to an elite government where people abuse their power in socialist nations. In addition people who are smarter/work harder or have a greater value to society should get paid more for what they do. Life is not fair. Even if we could achieve equality of outcome in terms of wealth, there would still be people with advantages and disadvantages for other reasons (e.g. people more prone to get life threatening diseases, lower vs higher IQ, climate preferences, thermostat wars, etc.)
  7. Bigger question is why he won the primary in 2016. And why did a senile old white male win the primary in 2020 given the huge amount of diversity in the candidates, something the progressive left idolizes?
  8. Yes, but when government run public schools punish me for not calling Sally (Billy) with a penis a "she" because he has gender dysphoria and insists he must use the women's room to safely urinate, that is a violation of my freedom of speech.
  9. If progressives were truly able to make the world the perfect place they want it to be, they would all be out of a job.
  10. OmahaSnowFan's oath 1. I agree to be a vegan and force all my friends to protest against the meat industry in order to save the world via the Green New Deal, or else they will no longer be my friends. 2. I agree to sell my car and always ride my bike to work and pressure all others to do the same or else we will be underwater or all dead by 2050. 3. I agree to get all my vaccines and boosters and not allow anyone who is not vaccinated within 100 feet of me, even outside 4. I will call all people who don't get their vaccines racists and white supremacists and murderers, even though a large number of Black people and doctors have been hesitant to get their vaccines 5. I will insist that my LGBTQIA+ friends always go to Christian bakeries for their wedding cakes to prove how bigoted people are even when there are bakeries with rainbow flags nearby. 6. I will continue to insist that any sort of privilege is evil while purposefully refusing to live like the poorest people do 7. I will continue to preach that we must enforce higher taxes instead of convincing people to give out of generosity 8. I will continue to believe that all inequality between white people and people of color is SOLELY caused by racism and no other factors should dare be considered. 9. I agree that allowing hungry people to break into my home is not a crime if they are truly hungry with no bad intentions.
  11. We are one of the few places in the Northern Hemisphere where October averages warmer than May.
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