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  1. They're just getting started here. Karen Bass has done NOTHING to solve homelessness, so vote for Rick Caruso and things will be cleaned up Day One. Caruso seems to be one of those few common-sense Democrats remaining today, somewhat like Joe Manchin.
  2. We're probably about 8 miles from the ocean. Most days the Santa Ana Mountains help us to clear out earlier than some further inland areas.
  3. Expect it to be cold at the beaches with a sticky gunk layer. Also for some reason Laguna Beach always reports higher than most beach locations.
  4. Notice how the green is further inland over Los Angeles County than Orange County.
  5. Sea breeze is spreading fires again, this time near Griffith Observatory
  6. Wow, Newsom's got a new inflation relief package. But isn't one of the reasons for the inflation that the government is spending too much money?
  7. How about the Laguna Hills church shooting this past Sunday? Was it even on the news up there? Then there's the NYC subway shooting about a month ago where the offender was black. I guess that these do not matter to the left since they did not involve white racism. Regardless of what Carlson may say, we cannot be sure that the Buffalo attack was not at least partially motivated by leftist ideas being taught in schools such as America really began in 1619 to preserve slavery or that the only way to create an equitable society is to get rid of capitalism. Today 36% of millennials think that we should try communism. Let's ask one of those people locked in their apartments in Shanghai what they think of it. Even Bill Maher thinks the woke movement is crazy. He recently compared Biden's new Disinformation Board to the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984. Bill Maher is definitely not a Trump fan. Racial tensions began to increase in 2013, well before Donald Trump ever considered running. That was about the same time the BLM movement started. Today you can no longer watch sports or TV without being politicized. In fact Disney's ratings dropped 44 percent in the last year. Can anyone guess why?
  8. I don't understand why so many people like to live right by the beach where summers are unreliable, when you can easily be a little further inland for nicer weather and lower home prices and still drive to the beach on a nice day. Lots of people also think Oakland is the best climate in the United States, where temperatures top out in the low-mid 70s in summer, which feels really nice during the day, but usually by the evening it's cold and windy with the fog blowing in. Of course, heat is no fun either, but summer should be summer.
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