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  1. Just a reminder of The Weather Channels FEB temp forecast
  2. Yep, I am amazed at the piles. I live on a cul-de-sac and our town had the front loader out this morning pushing the snow and loading into dump trucks. its been since 13-14 since the last time saw that!
  3. Crazy note from LOT on Chicago area's Feb so far. A remarkable stretch, with Chicago having seen measurable snow on 12 of the 16 days of February including today and going back to January 25th, 16 of the past 23 days with measurable snow
  4. With the blowing it was hard to measure. I think I am around 5 inches. O'Hare at 7.5. Saw Evanston at 17
  5. Winter storm warnings issued for Cook and points south. WWA for points west. opening line of LOT's AFD Boy, what a shift in forecast model guidance compared to 24 hours ago! Based on a discussion with the Weather Prediction Center (WPC), the changes have to do with a trend toward a stronger system overall, and hence better moisture transport to its backside and in our neck of the woods.
  6. One more decent band moving through. Been a great day of light snow falling
  7. Big Fatties flying. band is setting up between I-90 and I-88
  8. 2.4 official at O'hare. 2.9 at midway. Multiple reports of 50+ wind gusts.
  9. This tidbit from LOT should bring back good memories for the GL folks This general pattern featuring negative height anomalies over the north central US will essentially lock in due to the blocking to the north while positive height anomalies develop from the southern US to at least up into the Mid Atlantic. The general pattern described above has historically been characterized by snowy and very cold conditions across the Midwest, and is a decent analog for January-February 2014 (aside from the extreme NAO blocking which that winter did not have). This is due to our area being positioned
  10. Ripping here now. Huge flakes. Chi town about to get pounded
  11. ORD at 6.8 as of 6 am. Romeoville (official nws site) at 9.5
  12. Man the models have been so consistent over the last couple of days for N IL/SE Wi and In to get a good thumping. Really interesting to see
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