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  1. About 1.5 for me. more than I expected. Everything is covered and should be through Saturday. Might be the last grasp of winter so I'll enjoy it until warmer weather arrives.
  2. I experience this a lot with my travels from Chicago area to Des Moines. I remember leaving in march a couple years back and at 10am at my house it was in the low 40's. When I got to Des Moines in the afternoon it was sunny and low 60's.
  3. All done with snow blowing. Measured 4 inches. Currently 19 degrees with a moonlit sky
  4. Huge flakes now. seems to be the best snow of the season
  5. Yep, coming down much harder than I expected.
  6. LOT with a Winter Stom watch. Counties along wisc not included. WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM LATE WEDNESDAY NIGHT THROUGH EARLY THURSDAY EVENING... * WHAT...A period of freezing rain and sleet transitioning over to wet, heavy falling snow possible. Ice accumulations of one to two tenths and total snow accumulations of 3 to 7 inches possible. * WHERE...Portions of northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana mainly along and south of I-88 and including much of the Chicago metro. * WHEN...Freezing rain and sleet late Wednesday night through Thursday morning. Snow and blowing snow Thursday morning through early Thursday evening.
  7. Couple of big numbers starting to pop in the Chi area. St. Charles had a 6.5 report, ORD up to 5. Further south Romeoville and Homer Glen each at 9. So far a good storm for us and it's still snowing.
  8. Got under a heavy band and it is ripping now. this is moving due east. Look out @Tom @Tony
  9. Really coming down here. Radar looks good. I think N IL will do well Glad to see the KC folks getting a good snow!
  10. Snow totals shown for Chi/ NW In area though 6pm Wed
  11. Gosh, just need about a 25-40 mile shift north to be in the good stuff. Very close
  12. LOT with a ton of info. Currently leaning towards the Euro but says all 3 scenarios are possible. Here`s a breakdown of 3 general clusters of outcomes, in which the 12z global operational models fit decently into: 1) Weaker and farther north Hudson Bay PV will allow for slightly more pronounced eastern height rises, which enables strong moisture surge Tuesday evening and night to reach farther north into the CWA for potentially significant snow accums into Wed eve. The short-wave out over the eastern Pacific is slower to eject and positively tilted and subsequent stronger synoptic system later Wednesday night into Thursday takes off too far south and east for meaningful additional snow (aside from any lake effect chances). Similar 12z model run: ECMWF 2) Weaker and farther north Hudson Bay PV, more pronounced downstream ridging allows for moderate to heavy overrunning snow. THEN southwest short-wave takes on neutral to negative tilt and ejects out to favorably develop a stronger system with ~1005 mb surface low tracking near or north of Ohio River. This progression would bring another round of moderate to heavy snow along with even stronger winds into or through Thursday, aided by impressive right entrance region jet dynamics. In most amplified ensemble members, could even be some wintry mix p-type issues in parts of the area. Similar 12z model run: GFS 3) Stronger and farther south Hudson Bay PV lobe results in confluence and slightly suppressed positive height anomalies, and the strong/drying influence of incoming Arctic high to have more influence. Result would be banded overrunning precip having a very sharp northern cut off and focus the heaviest precip and snow axis into our southern CWA and points south and east (or even south of CWA altogether in most northern stream dominant ensemble members). Similar 12z model run: Canadian. Suffice to say that all three of these outcomes remain plausible and represented by the distribution of ensemble members of the three parent models. Overall, there is *currently* a slight lean in the ensemble means toward roughly outcome 1, favoring our southeast half or third, occurring amidst brisk northerly winds. For this reason, the most recent WPC Day 5 accumulating snow/sleet outlook appears reasonable with southeast half having higher (50-70% probabilities) vs. northwest (30-50% probabilities). Since the three approximate clusters described above remain plausible outcomes, we continue to urge caution with any individual model run snowfall outputs being shared. Stay tuned for updates as the potential event draws closer when we can be more confident on some of these still uncertain details.
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