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    University of Iowa Graduate. Love winter but enjoy vacations in Florida

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  1. Persistent snow showers in the Chicagoland area all day. Currently 23 degrees.
  2. Some bigger numbers coming out of the south suburbs Downers Grove 3.1 Bolingbrook 3.5 Clarendon Hills 3
  3. Glad to be back in the snow game this early. little over an inch so far
  4. picked up .65 inches of rain. Cold front pushing through. Next Monday/Tuesday look really interesting for temps
  5. Ready for some rain. Radar looks decent back to the SW.
  6. 1.45 inches for ORD yesterday. The end of the Bears game was nuts
  7. Lots of lightening and heavy rain over night in N IL. I will be interested in the totals. Still some more to come this afternoon
  8. Crazy feel yesterday. Had to throw a sweatshirt on late afternoon.
  9. About 1.5 for me. more than I expected. Everything is covered and should be through Saturday. Might be the last grasp of winter so I'll enjoy it until warmer weather arrives.
  10. I experience this a lot with my travels from Chicago area to Des Moines. I remember leaving in march a couple years back and at 10am at my house it was in the low 40's. When I got to Des Moines in the afternoon it was sunny and low 60's.
  11. All done with snow blowing. Measured 4 inches. Currently 19 degrees with a moonlit sky
  12. Huge flakes now. seems to be the best snow of the season
  13. Yep, coming down much harder than I expected.
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