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  1. The normal high temperature in KC dropped to 88 degrees today from yesterday's 89 degrees. The slow slide into fall has begun. But it will be a while before anyone can tell.
  2. I know. Trying to make myself feel better. Hopefully the law of averages will catch up to us.
  3. For what it's worth, the average daily max temperature has begun its decline in the northern part of the Country. Looking at three places I've lived, the average daily max temp began declining on July 24th in Minneapolis. In KC, it begins declining on August 8th. In Dallas, it begins declining on August 15th.
  4. That means people to the north, south east and west of me got more snow. It's one thing to get missed by a storm. It's another to be smack in the middle of it, and still get less than everyone around you. I wonder how it managed to bypass KC. Kind of amazing.
  5. Just has to move about 1.5 counties more north. I think you're probably right. But it's going to be close. I'm on the far south side of the metro. Hoping I get lucky.
  6. Based on snowfall reports and snowfall forecasts, I may end up in a relative desert. There are higher amounts north, south and west of me. I'm glad to get some snow, but most people within 50 miles of me got materially more. And right now, I'm smack between the two nearby bands. Figures . . .
  7. I've only gotten 2.5 inches. I may end up on the northern edge of the second wave. But I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Wow. 12z NAM just gave KC the middle finger. Yet another reason to take the models with a grain of salt. They can change up to the time it starts snowing--and after. And I'll take a bow for saying I was worried a few days ago that the heaviest snow could end up south of KC.
  9. NAM and RGEM stronger than the GFS for KC. As much as I'd like to believe the short term models, I haven't found them very trustworthy this year. KC NWS is saying 5-8 for the KC metro.
  10. If this thing ends up giving me 6+ inches of snow, it'll be one of those storms I feel like KC never gets. It will feel more like the Minnesota and Chicago storms I used to enjoy. Where there's not a deep low nearby, but the little wave in the atmosphere and the cold combine in just the right way with the moisture to give a significant snow. KC just doesn't get significant snows out of disorganized storms very often.
  11. Couple of things: First, I really do feel for the Nebraska folks. I definitely know what it's like to be close, but keep missing over and over. That big year you guys had last year missed us for the most part -- just barely, and over and over. Just an amazingly bad winter for NE and SD this year. At least it's almost over now, and you can put it behind you. Second, the GFS has been really good this year, at least for KC. Not perfect by any means. But I feel like models have caved to it far more often than the other way around this year. Next year could be totally different. But I'm going to try to remember to give the GFS the benefit of the doubt next year unless it forces me not to.
  12. Funny. He has the heaviest stuff southeast of the city. NWS has it northwest of the city. Gary's looks closest to the GFS, which I understand he tends to favor (and which has outperformed the Euro for the KC area this year).
  13. Meh. They all bust at times. And what constitutes a "bust" can be completely different for two people only 50 miles apart.
  14. We were all saying the same thing around 2/15 as well.
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