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  1. The 2020-2021 season total in Downtown Los Angeles (since both Oct 1 and Jul 1) currently stands at 5.80". Top 10 driest rainy seasons in Downtown Los Angeles since records began in 1877 are as follows: (1) 3.21" - 2006-2007 (2) 4.42" - 2001-2002 (3) 4.79" - 2017-2018 (4) 4.85" - 1960-1961 (5) 5.58" - 1958-1959 (6) 5.59" - 1898-1899 (7) 5.85" - 2012-2013 (8) 6.08" - 2013-2014 (9) 6.67" - 1923-1924 (10) 6.73" - 1893-1894 ------------------------ If the 2020-2021 rainy season ended today, it would rank as the 7th driest rainy seaso
  2. Cold and cloudy today. Some drizzle here but not enough to measure or wet the ground.
  3. I hope you are able to get and mount a rain gauge soon, I'd love to see what rain totals you guys get in Orange County.
  4. Very rapid cool down this evening, humidity recovered from 18% earlier this afternoon to 68% right now.
  5. Today might be our last cool, breezy, mostly cloudy day for a long while (inland).
  6. Around midnight I had stepped outside to find it actually drizzling here, although not enough to wet the ground.
  7. Much warmer today, and not a cloud in the sky. It's a beautiful day but I am sad that the gloomy cold weather is gone.
  8. One random downpour earlier this afternoon added an additional 0.12" to my total, while the nearby Murrieta station got 0.20" from it. It seems to have missed the rest of the valley entirely.
  9. I don't want to call it too soon but this storm looks like it was a major bust for nearly all of Southern California, with many areas having not received any measurable precipitation at all through this morning and any additional chances reduced to virtually zero. And to add insult to injury, later this week we have this to look forward to inland:
  10. Sun has been out for a while now, some scattered clouds but rain totals are unimpressive so far. My total of 0.17" is the highest in my area as of this afternoon, with many locations further north having still not recorded any measurable precipitation at all. But according to the latest NWS forecast discussion, the best may be yet to come:
  11. Rain stopped here an hour ago, I'm at 0.17" now. Today has been our first day of measurable rain since exactly one month ago.
  12. 0.07" here this morning, mainly between 5 AM and 7 AM. Light rain has just resumed here.
  13. Nice, looks like you guys in Orange County lucked out. We've had cloudy skies all day but no rain anywhere inland, except for Hemet which randomly picked up 0.11".
  14. Only had a trace of drizzle yesterday and nothing so far today here. I love this gloomy gray weather though.
  15. NWS is sounding optimistic about next week's storm, which is now trending much wetter than in previous runs. We'll see.
  16. Drizzling here right now, almost enough to wet the ground.
  17. Not nearly as warm today, and breezier. 13 degrees cooler than it was during this time yesterday.
  18. Despite topping out with a higher high temperature today (91F) than yesterday (83F), it is already cooling down much more quickly this evening than yesterday evening.
  19. Temperature has plateaued at 90F here for the past several hours. Not nearly as windy as yesterday. Beautiful day outside, but still very warm. Looks like we're going to cool down again in a couple of days.
  20. Warm temperatures lasting a lot longer than usual today, and it's not really cooling down even after the sun has set.
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