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  1. 86F here today. Finally a chance of showers next week, around Tuesday. Looks weak but I'll take it.
  2. Temperature failed to cool down last night. At 4 AM, it was still 62F here.
  3. Both were terrible for us in Southern California, which followed a very wet 1997-98. Constant offshore flow and high pressure blocking out storms. I could live the rest of my life without seeing that again (as we did in 2008-09, 2013-14, 2017-18).
  4. Temperatures are remaining above average with no rain in sight. We've had a few Januarys like this in the recent past, hopefully it passes and February will be wetter.
  5. Latest forecast discussion from NWS San Diego gave me a chuckle: 2020 is complete and so is my daily temperature and precipitation graph for the year.
  6. Apologies, I didn't see your message before. I'll add your total to the latest storm totals story on WeatherCurrents. Do you also happen to have a season total?
  7. I ended with 1.34" shortly before midnight. I'm more than satisfied with that. Drove up to Anza east of Temecula earlier today, snow is still on the ground above 3200 FT. Very cold and windy up there. I took these pictures at about 3500 FT.
  8. Rain appears to be stopping for now. I'm at 1.28" for the day, although additional showers cannot be ruled out for now according to radar.
  9. Same here. Rain total has already gone up since I took this pic a couple of minutes ago.
  10. 0.70" here since midnight. Rain has been on and off since noon. Very dark clouds over the Santa Ana Mountains from here. Temperatures were in the 40s most of the day here, although it did manage to reach 52F during one break in the clouds.
  11. Just had a burst of heavy rain accompanied by very strong winds. The rain was blowing almost completely sideways. My bedroom window is letting in a ton of rainwater just now around where my window A/C is installed, that never happened in past years because my window faces a direction where rain almost never comes from. I've just secured it with towels. 0.12" so far.
  12. Rain started very suddenly here just now. Random gusts of wind every few minutes, during which the rain goes from being silent to suddenly loud and back to silent.
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