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  1. Warm again here this morning, but NWS calls for a slight chance of showers late Saturday night into Sunday morning. Onshore flow should spread cooler temperatures tomorrow.
  2. 76F here right now, but areas just a couple of miles from me closer to the foothills are much warmer, over 80F already.
  3. Rare time when the coasts are warmest, it was only 71F here inland.
  4. There was a slight uptick in winds this afternoon, but that has already faded. Humidity has plummeted. Supposed to be much warmer tomorrow.
  5. No wind here either. Went for a nice walk west of Murrieta but stumbled upon a broken water pipe shooting water all over the hillside. Reported to CalFire who’ve said they’re responding to it.
  6. Much cooler today. NWS hinting at a possible chance of precipitation as a trough swings in around March 2-3, but the rest of February looks dry.
  7. Clear day down here in southwestern Riverside County today, but the webcam view of the Los Angeles Basin from Mount Wilson tells a different story there this afternoon.
  8. Rainy season up to this point looking lackluster so far at my location in Murrieta. It is not over yet, however. March or April could possibly feature a decent storm or two and keep the 2020-21 season from ending too far below average.
  9. Very interesting. This prompted me to dig through some archives of various cities' weather observations from 1899 (that were available at the time on the West Coast) and compare the extent of that cold wave. Its effects were especially pronounced in Portland OR. I attempted to find that month's records for Seattle WA and San Francisco as well, but records dating that far back for those cities were incomplete (as far as I could find). I also show how that cold wave even managed to affect us down further south in Southern California, as well as Arizona - unlike this month's event, which left us
  10. A dry February so far, but at least it's not also an unseasonably warm one. Temperatures have been surprisingly moderate.
  11. Very hazy today. Can't even see the Santa Ana Mountains even though they're right there.
  12. Overcast here as well, kept temperatures warmer than normal overnight.
  13. High pressure block has set up for the long-term off our coast. More sunshine for Mr Marine Layer?
  14. Very dense fog this morning managed to tip my rain gauge (0.01").
  15. Becoming quite likely that this rainy season will end below-average for us, first time since 2017-18. However, I also thought that in February last year, and look how that turned out.
  16. Had some heavy rain just after noon today but that stopped an hour ago. 0.84" here since midnight, 0.88" in total. While there are still some showers on doppler radar, they look to be the last of this storm and don't look impressive. Storm underperformed here, although some nearby areas like Hemet received well over an inch of rain.
  17. Before I go to sleep, 0.71" here in Murrieta. Rain is slowing down.
  18. 0.46" here since midnight. But the main storm front looks like it will have passed in about an hour, however there are many scattered showers behind it.
  19. Waiting to hear any reports from Ontario and the surrounding area. Heavier rain moving in here now.
  20. Looks like the front is right over the Santa Ana Mountains right now. It'll probably hit here in about an hour.
  21. Storm was nearly stationary for the whole day, although on radar it looks like it finally just began moving southeast about an hour ago, slowly pushing into Ventura County.
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