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  1. probably, but I found a senior Meteorology student On the WXForum who is answering my questions very patiently. I find most people in these weather forums have no patience with beginners. But that's OK with what I have learned from him and the conclusions I can draw for myself, along with websites like cod.edu and others I am beginning to piece it together. A lot of you have nice shiny expensive weather station but what can they tell you that the NWS can't?
  2. [1]How do Fronts, air masses and High/Low pressure areas interact? [2]Why aren't these air mass boundaries clearly marked as highs and lows are.? Can high/low pressure areas be contained in or cross over air masses? This all seems confusing to me and I can't find explanations anywhere. [3]I read somewhere that Cold air masses are areas of High pressure. If this true are Low pressure areas Warm air masses? Many thanks, Paul
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