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  1. Ditto. Seems the way we usually build a good snowpack is through a bunch of 2-5" clippers. Yeh, a big storm is nice but just doesn't happen that often.
  2. Thanks to you and Tom. Being in the snow biz, it's nice to know when to get started.
  3. What is the start/stop time looking like for DBQ for this event?
  4. Thanks, that does help. So would 0z January 4th be 6pm on Jan 3rd CST?
  5. Northwest Illinois, halfway between Rockford and Dubuque. Freeport IL area. I love to see the maps you guys post 5 days out so I can somewhat plan ahead as I'm in the snow removal industry. Just need to learn how to read the z times so I can figure out the start and stop times of the events.
  6. First time poster, long time lurker. Seems common, models move 2-3 days out only to come back to their original spot.
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