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  1. Speaking of movies, we just finished The Aeronauts on Prime Video. Pretty entertaining and actually has quite a bit of meteorology in it.
  2. Freezing fog and 29 this AM. Coldest morning of the whole inversion for me.
  3. Yeah, not sure we are going to break out of it today like yesterday. Still very gloomy here.
  4. The sun is out where I am in south Tacoma. It looks good and feels nice too.
  5. 41 and cloudy here just south of the beautiful Fircrest Golf Club. And I don't even play golf.
  6. I kind of agree with you and find earthquakes to be exciting as long as they are not too disruptive of course. I was riding in a work truck in Tacoma during the Nisqually quake and didn't feel a thing, kind of disappointed actually. During another smaller quake I was on a ferry and of course had no idea one was occurring. There have been other minor ones that somehow I never felt. I tell people that if they want to be safe during a quake, just be with me
  7. Foggy at Ebey's Landing and Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island today.
  8. Beautiful! Nothing like that here though, very thick fog this morning.
  9. I know, it just seems like he was posting every day even when things didn't look good for cold. I also have noticed that when he is working, he doesn't post during the day, like some of us!
  10. So is Jim ok? Does anyone communicate with him on the side? I don't know where he works or I might go check on him Covington area isn't that far from Tacoma...
  11. If interested in learning more about that I highly recommend The Boys in the Boat. A great book that is being made into a movie soon.
  12. Well, that was quick. I-5 is already open! Feel free to head to PDX.
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