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  1. Had to add one more pic from a shaded area of the trails at the Tacoma Nature Center/Snake Lake. Still looks like winter.
  2. Yeah, it feels like spring around town today. I was a bit surprised how fast the snow has disappeared, but SW winds and 50 will do it.
  3. Snowing again here with bigger, wetter flakes this time. Tacoma area.
  4. Yes, snowing moderately here again after a break for a while today. Such an amazing event!
  5. Where is Jim? I hope he got a lot of snow. Seems like he should be posting. Anyone else have a report from Covington?
  6. Did some snow shoveling. Certainly easier to shovel dry, fluffy snow.
  7. But weren't there more than one? Seems like there was a 2nd SSW event more recently.
  8. February is the new January or December! Sure amazing how this month has delivered again.
  9. I guess all the hype about the SSW actually came true.
  10. Neither is my cat. She has a weird habit of not wanting to use the litter box and does her business outside like a dog. Well this morning there was too much snow for her to get to the usual dry dirt patches next to the house. So I swept off the porch and cleared a dry patch and set her down in it. She immediately took care of business...so spoiled!
  11. I'm not that far away from you...just south of Fircrest Golf course and 8" seems about what I have also.
  12. Got more sleep than some of you, but did get up twice in the night to check on things. So much fun to have this much snow and not worry about it turning to rain. Probably have around 7 inches.
  13. Getting serious. Still moderate snow. Can't wait for the heavier stuff to get here.
  14. Sounds like it could be a very crippling ice storm for much of the area down there. Any predictions on when it might turn to rain? I've been focusing on Puget sound weather mostly.
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