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  1. Boiler Bay has good waves. Depoe Bay is a fun place to watch for resident gray whales. I enjoy looking for agates and have found good ones at Fogarty Creek and at the south end of Lincoln City near Moe's.
  2. Several hydrangeas in my yard have wilted flowers even with frequent watering. We have even put out umbrellas to shade them where possible. It is just bad timing with many of them just beginning to flower. I have also lost several apple from my espalier trees due to the extreme sun causing browning of the fruit. Just an incredible heatwave!
  3. Which area? It is interesting to look at projected temps for the next couple of days for the NW coastal towns. It's anywhere from 100 at Forks and Astoria, to 70s and even 60s from the central OR coast south. All due to location of the high pressure I'm sure. I imagine it is going to be very crowded out there at the coast!
  4. Do we need to check on SilverFallsAndrew? Haven't heard from him in a while!
  5. I think he left sometime in mid April. My brother works at KOMO and texted me back in April that he was leaving. Fox is starting a streaming weather service and he joined them as Senior Digital Content Producer.
  6. Scott doesn't work for KOMO anymore. He is now with FOX weather and Q13.
  7. Sometimes. Fred Meyer has good plants and more reasonably priced than local nurseries. My wife does probably half of our grocery shopping at that FM and the rest at Costco.
  8. The 19th and Stevens Fred Meyer! That's my neighborhood store.
  9. Go Beavers! I graduated from there with a B.S. in Horticultural Science. Of course that was 30 years ago, but it's still a great school.
  10. My boss who lives on the Key Peninsula said it was snowing at his house around 3 PM today.
  11. Hope it works out for you. Such a beautiful area. I was at the Nubble Lighthouse a couple of years ago.
  12. We flew into San Luis Obispo and spent some time in Cambria. Then drove north on 101 because of the road closure north of Ragged Point on highway 1. Staying in Monterey now and went south to Big Sur today. Spectacular scenery! Really enjoyed the 17 Mile Drive yesterday.
  13. Yes, bad year for me from tree pollen. When I was younger it seemed that only grass pollen bothered me. But now March and part of April is miserable and grass pollen doesn't bother me as much.
  14. Me too. As beautiful as it is, my allergies really make me not like sunshine this time of year. I see that alder pollen is in the mix and seems to be one of the worst for me. Tree pollen gets me in March and grasses to some extent May and June.
  15. I would hope so. I don't like the looks of that map for my area. But my brother in Mukilteo would do really well!
  16. I have a 98 Nissan Frontier that I have driven for 17 years. It's been a really great truck with very little maintenance required. And it still has the original clutch!
  17. Had to add one more pic from a shaded area of the trails at the Tacoma Nature Center/Snake Lake. Still looks like winter.
  18. Yeah, it feels like spring around town today. I was a bit surprised how fast the snow has disappeared, but SW winds and 50 will do it.
  19. Snowing again here with bigger, wetter flakes this time. Tacoma area.
  20. Yes, snowing moderately here again after a break for a while today. Such an amazing event!
  21. Where is Jim? I hope he got a lot of snow. Seems like he should be posting. Anyone else have a report from Covington?
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