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  1. That cell towards Rockford is looking pretty nasty. I would not doubt funnel cloud somewhere soon in northern burbs at least.
  2. Just got smacked a hr ago with a line of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Surprisingly, there wasent much wind with this round but this next one looks a bit more stronger coming this way.
  3. I can't believe we are still talking possibility of snow. It be amazing to break the record but that is fantasy right now.
  4. I think will have to watch out for next Tuesday. Looks pretty warm and meager on the back-side of this system but might be able to pull in enough cold air ecp if it closes off for some snow across lower Lakes. We have had snow in April before. Not all that to uncommon.
  5. System day 5-6 looks pretty deep. Might be able to pull in enough cold air for some snow across Lakes with this.
  6. I thought it looked a lot colder on instantweathermaps but I guess nevermind looking at NCEP. Wraps in lot of warm. Way to warm. Need to be way SE to keep it cold enough over here. Though C IA/MN/N WI looks good right now.
  7. Looks like it passes across C IL but pretty close here...nice tight thermal boundary setting up in IL with mid 30s far north to mid-upper 60s across south.
  8. I am just hoping we can squeeze enough to break 2nd place over next 10 days. Might be our last chance.
  9. Interesting, GFS still has something going despite lack of cold air but might be enough cold air to work with if we can get a deep and organized system going here. Liking EURO/GGEM constancy lately.
  10. It was a nice scene this morning. It snowed pretty heavily almost white-out conditions. Looks like a chilly day with temps barely crackiing 30 but I see 60s this weekend!
  11. Dusting here. Totally clear but when i look out east I see those nice lake clouds.
  12. It does look to warm up at least for a quick period as next system hits the PAC NW and flow goes zonal.
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