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  1. It's not the first time that cam has registered that same temp. Just some kinda glitch, I guess But not out of the realm of Feb possibilities at that site. See 1933.....
  2. Amazing that McNary Field (SLE) is reporting 47f and my house in West Salem at 400' is still at 34f. Highest in 72 hours. Less than 2 miles as the crow flies.
  3. Hope it doesn't get too bad for you. Now you now what we dealt with down in Salem (minus the snow) Spent the entire day cleaning up trees and my garden shed
  4. Ice is pretty much melted or has finished falling from what's left of the trees around the property. Just about time to survey the the damage to the fences. It was way too dangerous earlier with limbs and ice still coming down. I did drive around West Salem and I can assure you the damage you may see on the news, is understated
  5. This is what 1 inch of ice will do. Anybody have a lawnmower they want to get rid of? Mine got crushed about 4am
  6. It's a D**n war zone in West Salem overnight. There are so many trees down from the sound of it. My backyard is littered and my neighbor will not be able to get out of his garage until some serious work is done to the tree in his driveway. Sunrise in 4 hours will reveal it all but we ain't close to being done yet
  7. Thx. Nothing can hit the house, so we're good. Probably should put down my drink and sharpen the chainsaw blade. Going to have to wait until daylight to see about the fenceline
  8. So far have parts of three separate trees lying in my backyard as well as a lilac tree that is nearly horizontal. This is in West Salem. 29.7f and the hardest rain of the day. Still have power!? Edit....make that four trees. That was loud
  9. I actually mix it with the Pendleton. It is good. Great breakfast beer on it's own!!
  10. 29.1f still a light north drift. Pushing 1/2" of accretion on the most susceptible branches. Just heard the first crash of a branch close by. No power flickers yet
  11. Already a few trees down in West Salem. Still 29.4f at Noon with a slight northerly breeze
  12. Down to 33.6 in West salem with light rain. 5 pounds of beef jerky on the pellet grill that will be done around 8pm. Hope the power stays on until it is finished. No icing......yet
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