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  1. Bill is the Marmite of basketball announcers. He's good in small quantities.
  2. I was stationed at Ft. Stewart years ago. 90 degrees there is far different than 90 degrees in Spokane. 90 degrees in Spokane is really quite comfortable.
  3. They had a Nirvana light sound. They had all the rhythm with half the ennui and angst.
  4. It was gorgeous over here. It was nice to go without a sweatshirt for a change.
  5. March is a variable month. I've seen snow, graupel, hail, rain, and sunshine all during the same day. If you have a warm and sunny period in March, you often have troughing afterward. Sometimes the troughing is deep. I don't think Tim will be too alarmed at some March troughing.
  6. I got a foot of snow in May 2002. The heavier snow was between Reardan and the Deer Park area. Spokane only received a trace. I had to shovel myself out that morning. Little mesoscale lows can bust a forecast.
  7. I remember snow accumulating at midday right around the equinox.
  8. March of 2002 was distinctly colder than average. That's where I draw the line.
  9. I walked down to Albertson's and purchased a few things. The weather has a late February or early March vibe to it. The wind is always blowing from some direction.
  10. It's been an embarrassment of riches during the last twenty years during that period. I'm still waiting on January.
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