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  1. Which is funny cause Prospect Creek, Alaska was a DOT station iirc. -80 there is the national cold record.
  2. Policy change at ECMWF now allows imagery (model run charts etc) and data (tables etc) to be shared publicly similar to the GFS and CMC/GEM. It’s a long overdue change and a welcome one.
  3. Pocatello, ID fell to -6 yesterday beating their all-time October record of 7 (10/31/2003) by 13 degrees! That record from 2003 was the only time they had dropped below 10 in October dating back to 1900.
  4. Yeah I went by the low in the 15 minute data...not sure where the -46.1 came from as it isn't shown in the 15 min data but it is shown in the 24h data. Rounds to -46 either way though.
  5. A breakdown of this arctic event of 10/28-10/31/2019 in the Northwestern US comparing coldest temp of the event with coldest October temp on record prior to the event. Oregon: -7 at Foster Flat. October record -14 at Foster Flat on 10/31/2002, official record -11 at Fort Rock and Seneca...both on 10/31/2002 Washington: 5 at several locations. October record -5 at Bumping Lake and Republic, both 10/31/1935 Idaho: -21 at Fairfield and Copper Basin. October record: -28 at Copper Basin 10/30/1991, however it beat the prior official Oct record of -16 at Big Springs on 10/30/1917. Utah: -46 at Pete
  6. Not buying the Rock River reading (UR345) after seeing their high temp the day prior was around -14. I took a look at all the surrounding stations and there seems to be a cold bias at Rock River.
  7. This is what I have: -33 Soda Butte (YNP) 10/29/1917 -29 Old Faithful Lodge (YNP) 10/30/2019 -29 Saratoga 4 N 10/30/2019 -27 Lake Yellowstone (YNP) 10/29/1917 -26 Big Piney Ap 10/30/2019 -26 Encampment 10/30/2019 -26 Keystone 10/30/2019 -26 Nugget Canyon 10/30/2019 -26 Sweetwater Station 4 SW 10/30/2019 -26 Recluse 14 NNW 10/30/1991
  8. -7 at Foster Flat (Oregon's coldest)...far cry from the -14 on Oct 31, 2002 and didn't even beat the official OR record of -11 at Seneca and Fort Rock on Oct 31, 2002.
  9. -21 at Copper Basin and -20 at Fairfield. Fairfield is a town in Camas County, ID and may go down as the new Oct state record low. -18 at Island Park. Surprisingly Stanley didn't post anything under -10...perhaps no snow cover over there. -29 at Old Faithful Lodge (new station) while the Ranger Station fell to -25.
  10. -23 at Randolph, UT (coldest ever at an inhabited place in Utah) -26 at Keystone, WY -25 at Foxpark, WY -33 at Rock River, WY (UPR station...may be inaccurate but within realm of possibility given the -20 at Rawlins ASOS).
  11. A new October record low temperature for the lower 48 states was set this morning when Peter Sinks, Utah fell to -45.5 between 2:15 and 2:30 am. The previous record was -34.5 set on October 28th (two days ago). The record prior to this year was -33 at Soda Butte, WY (Yellowstone National Park) on Oct 29, 1917. The record for the entire US including Alaska is -48 at Clearwater, AK on Oct 31, 1975. Additionally -44 was recorded at Chandalar Lake, AK on Oct 26, 2008 and Clearwater, AK on Oct 30, 1975
  12. Winter was ushered in with a bang this morning in Idaho Falls with a temp of 10 and wind gusts to 45 mph (wind chill around -12). Moderate snow at the same time led to a period of blizzard conditions. Of note as well Pocatello (PIH) tied their all-time October low (7 degrees) yesterday *without* snow cover. With today's snowfall and winds going light overnight tonight, they'll almost certainly go below zero and potentially break their former October record low by 8-10 degrees!
  13. Peter Sinks can still post some 60-ish degree diurnal swings in summer too. It has to do with the winds going calm allowing for a decoupling between the sink bottom and the rim. This decoupling can produce a 30-40 degree temp gradient over about a 300' elevation change. In summer the nights are shorter and hence the strength of the cold pool isn't as pronounced as winter when you have longer nights and snowcover.
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