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  1. That Pacific cyclone off Mexico looks interesting. Side note: I wonder if Hawaii will get any strong storms this season? @Phil?
  2. I predict the first shot of real lowland snow will be around December 12th (i.e. ~50 days after the onset of this cold period, October 23rd). It'll be a wet November though.
  3. hmmmmmm interesting. I will have to do some searching here for them then or maybe in the Fraser valley. If the border wasn't "closed" I'd go to Whatcom and check it out too.
  4. Are you sure? Aspens do not grow naturally at low elevations, especially in such a mild climate. They prefer higher lands or at the very least, colder climates.
  5. How do those aspens do at low elevation? Don't see many of them...
  6. Not sure if it is a lodgepole pine or not but I have some kind of pine tree right out side here and this spring it produced big clouds of pollen for about 1-2 weeks. It was pretty bad because I'm allergic to it. Its needles are medium length and relatively thick (not short like jack pine nor long like ponderosa).
  7. But Mossman, I thought such anomalous months were impossible in this new climate regime? I mean, we did just have February 2019 but that was a one off. Right?
  8. Had some wind here just after noon but it didn't really amount to much. Still waiting for a storm to outdo the August 2015 masterpiece. That was awesome in every sense of the word.
  9. After rain all night, it is partly cloudy here. Lots of nice looking blue sky. Perfect.
  10. Been pretty heavy rain most of the day. Looking forward to the coming sunshine and crisp nights.
  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb and go with mild/dry for November. Hopefully we don't have any fake cold or inversions though.
  12. Beautiful sunny day. Was out for quite a few hours today soaking up the last warm rays of sun before the horrible rains return.
  13. Nice pics. Looks like all the vegetation is clean and ready for a nice thick layer of snow.
  14. Always wanted to go there. I didn't know there were aspens there though.
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