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  1. So on that GFS global map of the Greenland block, what would it take for that purple area of cold to be further west?
  2. That second low on Saturday looks like a BC slider.
  3. Not that I am looking forward to March, but Seattle had a significant snow on March the 9th in 1989 or 1990. I was working in the Federal building and what I feel like was advertised as a mix of snow and rain turned into a solid six inches on Capital Hill. I ruined a pair of Kenneth Cole suede loafers because I had to walk home to the top of Capital Hill. The buses were not chained up and one after one got stuck on East John. Fun times
  4. Nice rig. Is that AWD? I am looking to buy for awhile, it just seems that the dealers here in the PNW are always asking well over Kelly Blue book value. I get it, wholesale prices have been up in part because Carmax and others paying well over auction prices for trade ins , but wholesale prices have dropped since October and retail prices have not on used cars.
  5. This is a portion if an article I found on Daily Kos regarding the current state of the "polar Vortex" RSS PUBLISHED TO FishOutofWater Climate Change SOS trending TAGS Climate ClimateChaos ClimateChange Environment GlobalWarming Ozone Recommended Science Stratosphere Weather An article I found in Daily Kos One of the paradoxes of climate change is that reduction of sea ice on the European side of the Arctic basin leads to increased Siberian snowfall in the fall months and possibly colder than no
  6. I might be wrong but appears to me that we do not need a "Arctic" blast to score a some measurable snow in the Puget Sound. Maybe all we can ask for is a Frazier River outflow to tap into marginal cold air. As far as Portland is concerned, I recall a big snow event with cold air from coming from the Columbia gorge. I would love to have a top tier Arctic blast but for whatever reason, it seems to be too difficult a task for the Pacific NW.
  7. NOAA in their long range forecast discussion is hinting at possible pattern change in the latter part of next week. It was somewhat cryptic so the specifics are in the tea leaves.
  8. A 1985 redo would be awesome. Not only did we get accumulating snow region wide, but also Frazier river outflow, so the snow stuck around for days. Coldest Apple Cup I ever attended with sub freezing high and wind coming off Lake Washington.
  9. Thanks. I seem to recall when i was young that our big snow events(region-wide) the weather forecast would show lows associated with cold air masses sliding down from Canada. If I recall correctly the December 1996 snowstorm set up in a very similar pattern. It just seems that we deal with so many dry air masses. Or if we do moisture with a cold air mass it is hit or miss as to where there is going to be accumulating snow.
  10. Looking forward to chilly weather. So from what I understand a classic snow situation for the Puget Sound would have to be a low circulating moisture off the coast or some type of over-running event. Is it possible for moisture to slide down the BC coast so you would have to deal with convergence zones or battle with cold air and warm pacific air?
  11. Wow, just logged on after redesign. Thought I had lost forums for good and was left with you tube videos on weather. This has really made my day I really enjoy this forum.
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