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  1. Tiz really coming down here by LaPorte. Roads are terrible, snow covered and an ice rink under... Dang near didn't make it up my driveway.
  2. Got maybe 4" so far, coming down at a steady clip...
  3. Earlier in the year, I think it was North Carolina, a bunch of folks got stranded on the interstate. Lots of finger pointing in that deal. My point is, is the potential severity of this storm being communicated to the public? I rarely watch the TV but turned on Skillings forecast last nite. He talked about the storm but no real emphasis on folks needing to stay home and off the roads. Is anyone seeing travel warnings, etc???
  4. Am in LaPorte and starting to get concerned. Sure, it is fun to sit inside, watch the snow fall and post about it. The reality is this could shape up to be a deadly storm. I was around for the blizzard of 1978 where we got 3+ feet of snow. Our county road was drifted shut for over a week. Farmers had a really tough time especially with many animals perishing. So, not to sound like an old man shaking his fist at the sky but this may become a serious deal. Below is an article from the interweb about that 78 blizzard. That pic looks exactly like our county road after it was first plowed. A road grader with a huge V blade slowly opened up our road by ramming the snow back and forth. A payloader later came through and widened the path. https://www.wlky.com/article/belskis-blog-anniversary-date-of-louisvilles-only-blizzard/30664073 INDIANA The entire state was under a Blizzard Warning for the only time in state history. The snow lasted for 31 hours. Up to 40 inches of snow fell in northern Indiana. Winds gusted to 80 mph in northern Indiana. I-65 had snow drifts of 20-25 feet. National Guard tanks were called out to rescue people and help clear the roads. Indianapolis had 16 inches of snow. The phone company halted all phone calls except for emergency calls.
  5. Same old crap, different day. Awaiting a visit again from Uncle Lester next week...
  6. We (LaPorte, IN) got about 6" of very light puffy snow from the LES yesterday. On the plus side, was quite easy to shovel...
  7. Been snowing steady here in Northwest Indiana for a few days now. Just took this pic tho nada on the radar and tiz coming down at a good clip...
  8. If I had to guess, about 4" so far but hard to tell. Wind is howling like an old man trying to return soup at a deli...
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