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  1. Could be worse. When I Google my name, I get the former president of the greater London Dungeons and Dragons society, and some minister in eastern Canada who got in hot water for saying some pretty homophobic stuff. (I can guarantee that neither are me, by the way).
  2. Thanks, good to know. But in your case, was your situation to replace the furnace regardless? I would certainly agree that the cost to keep furnace and add AC is probably cheaper than replacing furnace with heat pump. But for me, I'm guessing I'm going to need to have the furnace replaced in the next few years regardless, in which case, my math would be replace furnace with new furnace and add AC vs. replace furnace with heat pump.
  3. Nope. But I probably only have a few years left on my furnace, and then I figured I'd probably upgrade to a heat pump instead of replacing it with the same.
  4. To be clear, I wasnt directing that at you, specifically, Meatyorologist. It's something I see repeated by lots of users, and have never fully understood.
  5. Honest question that's been bugging me for a while now, because I seem to be one of the only ones who disagrees. But why is the general assumption on here that "cool summers" are best? I mean, aside from the issue of snowpack, and I guess possibly wildfires. It's a claim I see repeated fairly regularly, and is generally framed as accepted fact. Personally, I like to freeze in the winter, and warm back up in the summer. I find nothing enjoyable about "cool" summer days. I want to roast under a million degree sun to get the winter chill out of my bones. I fully expect this to be the most disliked post of the year, by the way.
  6. Super excited for this next AR to take aim at SW BC and NW WA again.....
  7. 31F and light snow. 16 straight days with snowcover. Gonna be tough, but hoping to make it to 3 weeks
  8. Ah, bummer. Looks like the temperature finally popped to 33F around 11pm on Thursday. That's more disaapointing than I care to admit, all things considered.
  9. Regarding the bolded, I'd be curious how much modern flood control (specifically, the numerous dams in the upper Skagit basin) affect that. Certainly this past November's AR, focused like a laser beam on the Fraser Valley and Skagit headwaters, would have been much, much worse for downstream Skagit communities if not for reservoir storage throughout the system. No such flood control would have existed in 1816.
  10. Still only 23F here with a NE wind. Really surprising, actually. Weather app (yes, I know) had us well into the 30s by mid-morning when I looked last night. Now it's not showing us breaking 32 until about 4pm.
  11. Could be. Probably further west towards Ferndale, maybe. But there was no precipitation here when I was shoveling this morning, and the fresh snowpack was still light and powdery, without a hint of ice coating the top. Looking at the radar, I don't show any significant moisture heading towards Whatcom County for a while anyway (unless there is something wrong with the radar). So I think we dodged that bullet in my litttle corner. My drive to work was mostly uneventful, so I'll take it.
  12. I picked up a few inches overnight. Hard to tell exactly how much because it had already drifted pretty good by this morning. Temp still hovering around 20-21. I feel we've held onto the cold air a bit longer than expected this morning. Hopefully that, and the fact that it looks like precipitation is done for the next little while, means we can avoid the freezing rain here. Or at least delay it.
  13. Our heat ducts finally (FINALLY!) getting fixed right now. So bring it. Plus the in-laws are supposed to be flying in from Houston on Thursday to visit for a week, so.....
  14. Hmmm.....Not sure how I feel about that. The "bare" spot seems to cover my area, and I can confirm....we definitely still have snow pack here. Even added to it after the outflow winds stopped.....
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