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  1. Irrelevant if we have no defense. Pete said we "threw everything" at the Vikes on defense. That was as good as it gets.
  2. Unless its pouring rain next Sunday... I am going to completely skip the game.
  3. I am having a hard time imagining this team beating anyone right now.
  4. I am cheering for the Vikes to run up the score now. F*ck this team. Wake the f*ck up and do something different.
  5. Its almost the 4th quarter. So this misery will be over soon.
  6. Slow death here... its given that the Vikes will score. And then we have to go to a passing game which is easy to defend when you its coming.
  7. Its a momentum landslide that started with a completely unnecessary holding penalty on what would have been a sack. We would have had great field position and might have been able to go up 24-7 and force them out of their game. Instead... the game goes in an entirely different direction and now the Seahawks are veering out of control.
  8. Just a disaster. Might be time to turn off the game.
  9. This game is over. No reverse psychology this time.
  10. No adjustments... the defense is just incapable of stopping them and its only going to get worse as they get more tired.
  11. That blob of rain totally missed my area... sun is back out and 68.
  12. Its really hard to watch this team on defense. Its just so pathetic.
  13. Vikes should be able to double dip here... score now and score on first drive of second half.
  14. One stupid holding penalty that was totally unnecessary changed the momentum. Just so frustrating.
  15. That touchdown should have never happened. It changes everything.
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