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  1. Just now, RentonHillTC said:

    Didnt it used to be that the 18z was the odd one out? The twitchy run that would always get slapped down by the 00z? Atleast thats what it felt like to me last winter. 

    18Z run is often quite goofy in the long range... but then all the GFS runs can be that way.    This was a huge change between the 12Z and 18Z run inside of 7 days.    That is usually meaningful.

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  2. Side note... there is definitely something wrong with the Cedar Lake data on the SEA NWS climate page.   It shows that station (at 1,500 feet in the foothills) did not even reach 1 inch of rain from this storm.    This is most definitely wrong... the station down in North Bend was over 2 inches and we had over 3 inches up here.   There is clearly a rain gauge issue with that station now which is unfortunate.  

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