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  1. My phone says its back to beautiful after this thorough soaking.
  2. PDX is at 2.24 inches for this storm... which is about 150% of the normal rain for the entire month in roughly 36 hours.
  3. Wow... that huge area of rain on the coastal radar is basically a repeat of what happened this afternoon. Rain totals about to go way up again. This storm is an entire month of rain in 2 days. And then back to sunny.
  4. Observations from Bellingham... lots of downed branches and even some trees (particularly along Barkley Blvd) and the lawns are quite green already. Many lawns in my parents neighborhood which were burnt brown in August are now very green.
  5. Yes... it is. It's so complete. The entire team just quits.
  6. It's hard to comprehend how a team can collapse like the Cougs
  7. Cougs look really good so far! And a local Mt Si kid got a sack on the USC QB too.
  8. Could be very interesting at the Huskies game. Lightning delays might be brewing!
  9. Just pulled this out of the garden... its wet out there! Much more still coming too. These are zucchini and cucumbers.
  10. Do you know if I will be able to watch the Cougars/USC on my phone on the Fox Sports app or will they black it out? You seem to know all the television rules for college football and the NFL.
  11. Yeah... its been greening up here since the middle of August. Its going to be lush green here now for the rest of fall regardless of the pattern. It does not dry out much after we get past the middle of September even when its sunny for an extended period. It does look really nice coming up.
  12. That could very well happen... and should be end of Jimmy Lake at UW if it does. Looks like its going to be raining on the WSU-USC game today. That should help WSU.
  13. Storm total is at .90 at SEA and 1.03 at PDX. Main frontal band is done up here... should be plenty of post frontal showers today but Seattle might be shadowed.
  14. Your area got much more than around here... looks like the stations around here are in the 1.25 - 1.75 range in the last 24 hours.
  15. Went to Safeway earlier and it was very windy... now its oddly calm here. That will change shortly.
  16. Ahhh... I just noticed you were including what has already fallen.
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