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  1. Not trolling... that is some serious rain. Shades of October 2003. I am guessing there is typhoon remnants entrained. I like getting lots of rain quickly... but that might be a tad too much. Wish it could be spread out more to the south.
  2. And it just keeps going... western WA will be flooded while western OR is still in drought.
  3. The 00Z ECMWF is insane for Friday... WA is inundated. Seems like some daily rainfall records will fall. 3 to 4 inches in one day here will have the rivers and creeks absolutely roaring.
  4. I know... but swamp makes it sound ugly and its definitely not.
  5. Had to go to the state fair this evening... my daughter had an event there. I really like Puyallup. Very nice downtown area and very well maintained. Have not been there in a long time. Its nickname the "swamp" does not fit.
  6. Can't imagine needing AC any more... even we do get into a warm pattern. The nights are long and the house does not heat up like it does in the summer.
  7. 12Z ECMWF is wet! Also interesting how quickly the pattern changes in 2 days from Sunday to Tuesday... not sure I believe this yet but that is quite a flip in a short time span.
  8. Yeah... smoke was not really much of an issue for us up here. Much better than I feared back in late June.
  9. 12Z GFS is wetter and also quicker to rebound... it shows temps back into the 70s on Monday and around 80 by Tuesday.
  10. Yeah... it will definitely end the fire season which is already fading. I don't see much smoke on the satellite now.
  11. We had spurts of summer-like weather in the spring... but summer did not really start until the middle of June. We also had many frosty nights in March and April.
  12. Our summer pattern did not start in March. It was snowing here on April 10th. And even during that week of warm weather in April... the trees started out bare and just began leafing out. And we had 11 days with highs in the 50s here in May. You are describing November - February weather there.
  13. This switching QB every other play thing is sooooo stupid. Its just a mess.
  14. As been pointed out many times... the last day on the 12Z runs is the high through 5 a.m.
  15. Yeah... the pattern next weekend puts Everett squarely in the rain shadow.
  16. 17-0? I hope the media goes crazy with Russ for MVP talk after 1 game. That always works out well!
  17. Don't like how this game is turning right now.
  18. 3rd and 13 and backed up and they let them off the hook... bad deal.
  19. Reporting on the weather is not a meltdown. Weather was perfect for the wedding! Good timing.
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