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  1. Defense looks better... offense looks much more hesitant.
  2. No... you have called it out. You have to experience it to understand that it fits well.
  3. We have used it many times on here and you have called it out many times. And yet its a perfect description in this situation. Very small droplets but just drenching wet. Its PNW specialty... particularly in the foothills.
  4. We get the ball to start the second half... go for the jugular!
  5. Since reporting no rain here... it has been dumping drizzle for the last 2 or 3 hours.
  6. Now can the defense not allow points in the last 41 seconds??
  7. Wentz... 10 straight completions. Where is our defense??
  8. Wentz is looking pretty good at getting the ball out quickly in the face of pressure.
  9. I think Wilson decided in the offseason that they had to get away from so many slow starts. Just coming out roaring out of the gate.
  10. So interesting to see an aggressive offense in the first half.
  11. Taking kickoffs out again? So stupid.... just cost them 6 yards.
  12. Colts are just carving up the Seahawks defense... they look lost.
  13. 1 second too early on that sack and that is all the Colts needed to sustain the drive.
  14. I am sure we will both get plenty of rain from Friday - Sunday. But I am not sure we are just heading straight into a long-term cold pattern. The 00Z EPS did not look cold or troughy in the 10-15 day period.
  15. Quite a slug (no pun intended) batch of low level moisture around Seattle. Very low clouds and wet despite the radar not showing much of anything. And yet web cams show its now sunny around Olympia. Quite a contrast of conditions.
  16. Sort of interesting that this very slow moving front moving through right now will get pushed all the way to Minnesota by tomorrow afternoon. It took 2 days for it to move from just off the WA coast to the Seattle area and then 1 more day to move half way across the country!
  17. 0.00 here so far. And we have no problem getting rain here.
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