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  1. Oh boy, wouldn't that be nice? I'm not biting, though. I'm guessing we'll be lucky to get more than 0.10". Much cooler this evening, already down to 59º. Feels good!
  2. I'm fortunate to have a nice view from my hilltop location, but I sure pay a price in setups like this. Currently 72º, which is just about the warmest I can find in the whole state of Oregon, except maybe for Medford. Could be worse: my old location in L.A. (also on a hilltop) is looking at a couple of 97/75 days.
  3. Already soaring past the forecast high of 83º here at just 1:30. Probably another "surprise" 90º on the way, although nothing about overachieving high temperatures surprises me anymore.
  4. Took a nature walk this morning and noticed that the leaves on the native bigleaf maples are all turning brown and falling off before they had a chance to show any fall color. The Douglas fir trees look droopy and dull, but the ponderosa pine look even worse, with more brown needles than green ones. Kind of surprising since they're supposed to be more resilient than the firs. Oh, and it's smoky again here this morning, too. Yuck.
  5. Wow. Barring any last-minute clearing/heating, looks like my high will be 64. That narrow band of moisture really kept things cooler here. 0.05" rain on the day.
  6. Sprinkles just tipped the bucket for 0.01". Shutout September averted. Drought is crushed!
  7. Very balmy low of 58º here, but at least most of the smoke has cleared away. It was pretty gross yesterday.
  8. Models showed up to 0.50". NWS forecast was for a tenth to a quarter of an inch. Actual = 0.00 Some things never change!
  9. Count me in as a fan of the 18z GFS and ensembles. Normal is good. Weird that the 1981-2010 mean 850mb temp actually rises slightly between 9/16 and 10/1, while Eugene's average temperature goes down 3ºF over that period.
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