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  1. Your rudeness is totally uncalled for. I'm just trying to learn things here. Sometimes it seems like you react to even the most innocuous posts here with insults and sarcasm. It's not a good look.
  2. Oh, interesting. I would have thought it was an outlier since it's the coldest member.
  3. Ensemble support for that delicious -10ºC @ 850mb GFS operational run is... lackluster.
  4. 92 in Brookings right now. 72 here with swarms of box elder bugs which can get in the house through the window sills.
  5. GFS ensembles showing remarkable consensus for 10 days out. Only a 30ºC spread between coolest and warmest members.
  6. Looked at it again, and I like your suggestion of Japanese red pine. Or maybe the redness is just the evening light.
  7. Weighing in on the pine question: Grab a branch and examine the needles. They have to be in groups of 5 for it to be any type of white pine, including limber or whitebark. I doubt it's either of those, as they prefer alpine conditions at much higher elevation. Needles in groups of 2, could be ponderosa or lodgepole or knobcone. The scraggly appearance makes me lean toward knobcone.
  8. 20ºC temperature spread at times between ensemble members next week on the 00z GFS 850s. Operational is among the coldest. 51ºF here at 11 p.m. No night shift for me!
  9. Nice memorial to areas that were lost. One of the numerous SoCal fires in September 2018 burned hillside areas very close to my house. Luckily, I had taken some photos of the area in 2005. I went out after the fire and tried to replicate the composition of the shots as closely as I could for a before/after effect. I can't find them now, or I would post one.
  10. I'll second that. 55º with sunshine and a few clouds here. To see that it's already 90º this morning at my old house in LA in an endless string of 90º+ days makes me very glad to be here!
  11. Fair enough. I'll check back in at the end of the month when the monthly total remains somewhere around 1.25".
  12. Jesse arguing with someone reporting dry conditions? Never thought I'd see the day.
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