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  1. I have been reading about the polar vortex and thought things might be getting interesting. I wanted to say hi and hope y'all are doing well!
  2. Thx Jesse and FS. It's just such a weird pattern. I wanted to know what you guys were thinking. I'll keep checking back as JUL winds down to see if summer comes in AUG this year.
  3. I'm no Forum Fantastic, but I've had my account since 2014. I guess they go by how often you post.
  4. What are we thinking about August? Anything? Thinking about baked Alaska and how odd the weather pattern seems.
  5. For whatever it's worth, probably nothing, I'm beginning to be a true believer of an El Nino later this year.
  6. Thank you Jesse and Phil for answering my earlier post about the UK heat wave. It was crazy time at work for a few days or I would have thanked you earlier. I’m sure you were on pins and needles.
  7. Slightly off topic, but has anybody been tracking the UK heat wave (at least by their standards)? I’ve never seen anything like it this early before, and I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with the summer set up out here.
  8. The warm up makes me think we could be evolving into our summer pattern. I know it’s too early to know anything, but it seems like it might be. Also, isn’t tornado activity up during a La Niña, even a week one? There just aren’t aa lot of sign for that at all.
  9. You've seen our summers. That's good b/c the rest of the year kinda blows out here. You probably already know that, though. I used to work for Congress, and had the opportunity a couple of times to be in DC in JUL and AUG. No wonder they shut down in AUG. It was awful. Any thoughts on the summer yet, or still too soon? I remember Bastardi said once that you can often see the summer pattern starting to set up by mid APR.
  10. For me, it's summer mornings. They are so clear and quiet, and it's just warm enough to be outside and be comfortable. And I love the sound of sprinklers. Summers are almost perfect in the PNW. Thankfully, we don't deal with humidity out here the way you guys do on the east coast.
  11. I'm right at 500 feet in Salem. It's been snow here this morning. Sometimes it sticks. Sometimes not so much.
  12. Me, too. It's really interesting. (Both the weather AND the snark. )
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