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  1. Hardly a drop of rain but from reports there seems to be 1-2 inches of rain in the hills and coast range!
  2. Thanks! I didn't know that. Pretty advanced stuff!! When there isn't crap flinging going on this site can be exciting with weather knowledge. If this forum was taken more seriously we could have more real scientists chime in here but most don't like the meat bees that fly around here.
  3. Ummm what? Sounds interesting but a little more clarity please? "You can't see it. It's electric! You can't feel it. It's electric! You can't do without it. It's electric! But it's there. Here there and everywhere!' (The Electric Slide)
  4. Are we overdue for 100+ heat? I know Portland's record is a sweltering 107 or something like that.
  5. I just hope it's not the humid warmth like last year when we had an ULL to the south that pumped in more humid air then usual. We live under trees so it's even more noticeable. Last summer for several weeks the dewpoint didn't drop below 60. Only a few times it went to 56F and at the same time the min temps were 68F a lot.
  6. I wasn't feeling good at the Feb 2014 either but I do remember the December 2014 event but still before that there wasn't very much but then again I've notice it doesn't take much either to effect temps.
  7. I live in the Silverton alternate reality. I can't tell from here when the gorge is having winds but I do want to know when was the last time we had a cooler then normal minimum month? We've had plenty of cold maximums since 2006 but what about minimums?
  8. Any chances that the sunspots might be the cause of our constant onshore flow?
  9. Okay weather experts. When will we have an extended period of offshore flow for extended warmth or cold? Has anybody notice we haven't had a real stormy winter since 2006? All the snow events we have had were done from cold onshore flow patterns but we just can't seem to muster enough offshore flow for extended cold/warmth.etc? Even the 2008 snow and cold would've been more severe if we had any extended flow reversal as it was predicted to get down to 0F but never happened which would've made the snow cover last well into January!
  10. Why have summers been unusually tame and mild? Is Global Warming the blame? I wonder if the 1,000AD period was tame like this as well?
  11. Wow! Not a single post today! WTF? Is this a record for how dead things are? The high today was around 80Fish. Guess this is the most boring spring ever!
  12. That high pressure to the SW appears to be the suspect for the cause of the onshore flow. It's actually to some degree been there all winter more often the not. Edit. It looks like BOTH the low pressure in the BC area and the high pressure to the SW combined will make for a lot of onshore pattern!
  13. Is Bellingham WA more prepared for snow or do things still close down there like Seattle at the slightest coating? Is it kind of like Baltimore vs Washington DC in preparedness?
  14. http://www.smileyvault.com/albums/basic/smileyvault-jawdrop.gif Here comes the Junuary polar plunge!!!!! Just kidding. It seems forecasts are leaning towards warmth but nothing too extreme. It seems the last couple of years the weather has been stuck in a depressing kind of pattern for long periods of time more often the not. More then normal even for PNW standards.
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