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  1. Got absolutely crushed. Neighborhood looks like a war zone. Trees down everywhere. Lots and lots of damage. Could be without power for days.
  2. And it pretty much followed suit with the majority of prior “snowfalls” this season in that a) snow fell at or above 32 degrees for a significant portion of the event and b.) did not accumulate on roads/sidewalks. I think this puts Chicago around the mid-30” mark? What won’t show up on the official stats is that wherever we end the final tally this season, a low percentage (willing to guess
  3. Caught the southern end of a hailstorm this morning. Yard is flooded.
  4. Wonder if they’ll also suspend weather across the country, ya know since everything else is cancelled anyways.
  5. Bingo! That’s been the story around here all “winter”. Regardless of what our official seasonal snowfall stat is this year, I can confirm only about half (if that) accumulated and only needing to shovel 2x.
  6. Don’t know the exact climo stats, but just speaking from experience I think it would be more unusual for parts of MN/WI not to have snow in Mach into April. Either way, hoping we don’t have to deal with it around these parts and can get a fast transition to spring and summmer. We are owed after the last several years
  7. Even up there, they’ll be flirting with 50 this weekend. Just a light long sleeve T and you’ll prob be good.
  8. Anyone else’s perennials starting to poke through? Just saw quite a few of mine. Hopefully a sign that true spring is near and here to stay.
  9. Makes no sense here either. Yesterday, they all went all in on the GFS and issued WSW’s way out in Iowa and way north into WI. Fine - at least they said why regardless of it being a poor decision. Now, they decide to maintain WSW for almost all of LOT despite there being hardly model guidance to support it. So, I guess we’re back to just throwing darts. Also, what’s the ETA until some Chicago peeps start posting about how LES/LEhS will bring the goods...
  10. Not trolling, just wondering if this will be another dose of what we’ve gotten all “winter”. Have only had to use the shovel twice because rarely has anything stuck to pavement and not melted in 24 hours. Seeing as though ground temps are above freezing (as they have been mostly all season) and marginal temps, I could easily see this being another event in which grass whitens up and pavement is just wet. Do you agree or disagree?
  11. What are we thinking for Chicagoland fellas - yet another grass whitener/ground wetter?
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