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  1. Me too. Hoping for some sea effect enhancement with the outflow up this way.
  2. Campbell River (35k population) usually scores the most I would say. They're quite close to the mainland and not really influenced by the ocean like the rest of V.I. The east side of the island from Duncan to Courtenay can get heavy strait effect snow during strong outflow situations. Hasn't happened here in a few years though.
  3. 34F here. Nice to see the radar starting to fill in off the coast.
  4. North wind been picking up here the last hour. 20mph gusts so far. Been sitting at 35F most of the day, DP's starting to drop.
  5. 00z shows it snowing here from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday morning. Crazy if that verified.
  6. A chilly 17F here this AM. Looks like radar is already showing returns near the south island.
  7. Over 5" here since noon and still going strong. This has really overperformed here compared to what was modeled.
  8. Not to often I can say the temp is 25F @ 1pm in the afternoon with heavy snow and a 25mph wind. Awesome!
  9. High temp today here was 31.8F, and that was just after midnight last night. Currently 23.3F with light snow.
  10. This band of strait effect snow is just parked here dumping. Haven't seen snowfall rates like this here in a while.
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