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  1. Or, none of this matters. Mother nature is gonna nature and she seems to be finding all kinds of new ways to do that all over the world no matter the circumstance.
  2. Tre Flowers is gonna be a pro bowl caliber corner for the Bengals.
  3. I enjoy soccer, probably because I played it for 12 years when I was younger. Hockey just seems boring to me.
  4. Hockey is one of the few sports I cannot get in to, I have tried. Some friends said that once you go to a game you will be hooked, went with them to a Thunderbirds game years back and couldn't wait to leave after 1st period. But, I will follow the Krakens record for fun.
  5. Lows in the negatives west side region wide, highs no higher than 25° region wide for no less than 3 days consecutively, west side only taken in to account.
  6. Speaking of Red, we are watching the Robocop "The Movies that Made Us" episode for it right now on Netflix!!
  7. Stick to the appropriate thread for your location and you wouldn't even worry about it. Thanks, from the fat asss from Washington!!
  8. Hell, we all have said derogatory shitt via email, text or other at one time or another in our lives, even on this forum, does that mean every one of us should be pushed to resign from our job or be fired if those things were found out.
  9. This all came about from the NFL investigating the Redskins as well not Gruden, also, it seems like they were systematically releasing a little bit at a time in regards to Grudens communications, done purposely to push him out even though he wasn't the focus of anything.
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