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  1. That's almost as bad as issuing a winter storm warning 2 days out, a lot can change!!
  2. There is nothing remotely close to root for yet, let alone close enough for raccoons and rug pulls. It is also far too soon for anyone to be pulling out their Apprenticeship Reverse Psychology cards, it takes years od training to understand that part, I understand it.
  3. What’s even worse is there isn’t even anything inspiring enough showing up to apply my gift of reverse psychology.
  4. We have a Tsunami/Volcanic Eruption thread now....? Hmm, weird.
  5. Edit- My weather station for some reason was showing total rain a for a different timeframe, just this month I have seen 16.38" of rain.
  6. So, I have gotten over 18" of snow and over 13" of rain since Christmas, nuts.
  7. 58 gross degrees here, I am sitting in my truck with the AC on waiting for my daughter to get out of school.
  8. Avoided heavy precip so far, but that is changing rapidly now.
  9. You all are not going to believe this.... Up to an inch of rain on the day!!! #blessed
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