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  1. Got down to 44° again this morning here, should see at least a 40° temp spread today.
  2. Not my point, there are some individuals that quote unquote are in charge now with control they should not have and it was almost flexed by an offended individual but you stepped in first. Personally, I do not have issue with you, you do good most of the time. But honestly, I didn't see anything wrong with a very clear and well thought out observation someone had.
  3. Ya, not sure why my reply to Tim got deleted, if you don't want people to read what you say don't even type it in the first place. Also, you know what nevermind.... whatever I want to say now will just get me in trouble.
  4. He has apparently been spending an inordinate of time on the schitter on this trip, or he could just be the archaic meaning of inordinate, I go with both.
  5. Blackberry bushes have really excelled this summer, have to keep cutting them back every few days to keep parts of our backyard from shrinking.
  6. This has to be the first time somebody has literally flexed in regards to their status and rank on the forum, good lord, smh.
  7. Only 1 day over 100 here so far, that was in June, and only 4 other days over 90 total this summer, so far.... this latest "heat wave" had the perfect balance from here to the coast to make it not so oppressive like most of you have had to deal with. Wish we had gotten more than 1 day over 90 during this latest stretch though, but nope. Crazy thing was on a couple of the days, it was 80 here, and 90-93 just 7 miles east in Montesano!!
  8. Please pray for us.... just had some rain sprinkles for a couple minutes.
  9. Vaccines for the Vid never really worked.
  10. Typo, it is currently 72° here. Very plessant evening.
  11. KHQM finally got up to 70° again since the start of this warmer than normal spell. Got to 86° here, currently 82°.
  12. Just thought the theme lately was for consistency, but ok.
  13. We have a banter thread. You guys should check it out.
  14. Ya ok Tim, lol, we all saw it the way it happened, not the way your tried to perceive it happened. Whatever, it is expected anyways.
  15. Your complaining during rainy periods will always far outweigh anyone else's complaints about other weather patterns, not even close.
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