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  1. It got chilly then but no frost until sometime in October.
  2. 33 and frosty here this morning, this is the first time I have seen frost in September out this way, at least I don't remember it happening any other time.
  3. October is gonna torch kinda, November will start out mildish and moist, cold and snow after the 20th, lame weather after that til early January, a tease the first week of the new year, lame weather til February, mini blast after the 3rd, periods of coolish weather and moisture and then a good blast going into March, after that who knows, there is my forecast for the winter. My main anal logs are late 2023/early 2024.
  4. This storm would have been perfect for a good snow event due to it's track and offshore flow if it was in the middle of winter and a somewhat cold air mass to tap in to.
  5. I didn't say you said it was bad. I have so many memories of picking the goods everyday when up there on summer vacations!!
  6. Nah, that region has been great for gardens for at least 40 years, see my comment on PA's picture post.
  7. The Sequim and PA area has always been a great place for good productive gardens, at least in my lifetime. My grandparents lived in Gardner for years and every year their garden produced massive amounts of goodies, they would can hundreds of jars of veggies every year and gave alot of it away!!
  8. One big glaring issue is virtually none of our playmakers played in the preseason at all, or if they did it was a a snap or two, that is not how you get ready to start your season.
  9. KHQM making a run at 90°, was only supposed to get up to 80°. Currently °92 here.
  10. Obviously some things got deleted so Tigers rant that Tim replied to at the top of this page should be deleted as well, only fair.
  11. Well tangibly it is very noticeable here right now no matter what maps or guidance are saying.
  12. The smell of smoke is very noticeable today here....
  13. Wait, so 86 is toasty but 90 is just warm.
  14. So we are pretending you said none of the things the way you did that I saw, Phishy saw and others saw..... it's not between you and I Tim, others saw it too and saw it the same way I did.
  15. Yep, there you go, pretending that you weren't acting like that, as usual. When others are pointing out the same behavior, its not an us problem it is a you problem. Keep living on that pedestal.
  16. Just stop man, you were being very passive and flippant about the wild fire conversation on multiple occasions (multiple people agree with that sentiment) and you were being a ****** to Tiger, you have no right to tell him he should not think the way he does or how he thinks isn't the right way to think, we are all different, you are not above any one person. Be compassionate and understanding more often instead of waiting for people to call you out and then you try gloss over how you were acting. Let's just move on.
  17. You literally just said the other day 90 is just warm, which would mean 85 is cool. Can't deny that one.
  18. Uh, ya, you have said in the past on more than one occasion that anything over 75° becomes uncomfortable.
  19. Well you used to consider anything over 75 as hot and uncomfortable so....
  20. You know Tim has done that with all of us, or has at least tried.
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