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  1. Any Given Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Playoff Saturdays.
  2. He walked out and then came back, clearly showed frustration for the first time ever with that move, but according to many it is too late for that.
  3. Carroll was not his normal self during post game presser.
  4. You guys take this team too personally, really worried about your mental health.
  5. I don't care which one, they met the actual qualifying requirement.
  6. The same global pattern? It would be close, but it would just be darker sooner.
  7. Exactly, you cannot prove there would be more cold air. If we paused the air mass here and to the northern regions that is occurring right now and placed it a month from now, there would be no difference.
  8. I disagree, this exact same global pattern a month from now would not deviate much, if any at all in regards to our temps/weather.
  9. This exact same air mass a month down the road would not increase the chances of snow.
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