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  1. I live almost 30 miles from Westport, thats a big difference.
  2. I don't even consider Aberdeen itself coastal, so I disagree. Big difference in many things between here and the actual coastal region.
  3. I cannot believe the conversation is about snow melting, in the sun, again. LOL
  4. Woke up this morning to some frozen graupel and small snowflakes on my work van. The next two mornings should be frosty and crisp.
  5. He is a really good nowcaster, not so good even a few days out.
  6. I was not referring to El Ninos, I was referring to troughy weather.
  7. Its not a competition. And I wasn't talking about this year. Richard though is by far the most accurate on here the last few years.
  8. You will learn how to read his posts. It took me awhile and frustration of course, but if you can figure it out you will find his info is valuable. He is the most accurate when it comes to time frames of cold troughs on the west coast out of anyone on here, and elsewhere.
  9. It will always be more likely that places east of the rockies have a better chance at record cold than here. I am not saying we cannot see that, I am saying we obviously stand less of a chance region wide.
  10. We will always be in the less likely chance no matter what, and even you cannot deny that. This winter was really not impressive over all here, save for the December cold snap. Our potential is high, but way less than the rest of the country east of the Rockies.
  11. We just have so many things that work against us compared the rest of the country. Who knows, maybe a first year El Nino can deliver for us now. We know the potential is there based off of past observations in history, so a brutal winter is possible in the west.
  12. I hope you stay around permanently especially during the winter season. Even though you are in California, when you posted on the original Western, your success at predictions of cold air and moisture for the entire west coast was second to none. I am sure others will disagree, but you were spot on. You were able to predict things spot on that noone including pro mets could not do, your analysis of what you look at and how you come to your forecast was phenomenal.
  13. I think you have more important things to deal with at home with your daughter then being on here doing this.
  14. Looks like 3 days at least of some interesting unstable weather, with sunbreaks too.
  15. But yet you are the only one that everyone get annoyed with on a regular basis.
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