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  1. You shouldn't be even talking about privileged information if you can't post it. Why bring things up if you can't post it? Also, this isn't Survivor. Just because someone says "ban CulverJosh" doesn't mean we will ban you. If we think you or anyone else is getting out of hand, we will deal with that, regardless of if someone said to ban them or delete their posts or not.
  2. Is this like a cult thing? What's this "conference call" everyone talks about? Are they the people who paint all the red in the models?
  3. Your blurry PNA photos reminds me of UFO videos. UFO videos for some reason are always shaky and very low quality with our advancement of video phone technology. Is the forecast you post even real!? No one will know.
  4. The thought of driving through Seattle freaked me out, but I survived driving on the outskirts of Seattle all the way down to San Francisco! The drive down on the I-5 was quite boring, but on the way back up I drove the coast and I drove through many windy foresty roads, and I even saw some Sasquatch signs.
  5. Two people joined just today from south of the border. No one else otherwise.
  6. I went to Kelowna for a week in the last week of October and they were bare.
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