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  1. Good question. The burn was extensive in the headwaters. It will possibly cause warmer water conditions due to more direct sunlight and possibly more silting with heavier rains. Another example of poor management here. Fish are already in trouble from a multitude of reasons with habitat loss, dams, predation, politics, and the list is long.
  2. It was a premier winter and summer steelhead river. Just like the Clackamas, it is far from what it should be. The Clackamas is an embarrassment. Pristine river running through the metro and maybe 10-15% of the fish it used to have. A chunk of the problem is environmental groups that have more money than ODFW and have shut down much of the hatchery runs that in their eyes protect a wild or native fish (that does not exist anymore) run. There are a couple rivers in Washington that are true wild fish runs but most of our "wild" fish have the same DNA as the hatchery fish. Like the news the
  3. Been back on the river chasing Springers so I've been out of touch with any discussion here of upcoming spring and summer possibilities. I've gathered we're possibly exiting our La Nina, possibly going back to an El Nino? Dont have time to track that down. Saw a long range forecast for a warmer (hotter) summer in the PNW? The Willamette R is very low right now but still running a bit chilly at 46.7 on my fish finder. Fish need some good scent to home in on so we need the river to blow out. Not a lot of fish have entered the W yet. Just enough to keep us on the water. I don't see a
  4. IMG_3444.HEIC 31f this morning. Pic is yesterday on the Sandy R steelhead fishing. Spectacular morning. Challenging getting down the canyon to the river. The number of downed trees was unbelievable. Near Sandy Oregon.
  5. 13 days and finally back on line with power, cable, and internet. Yesterday at 6:15pm the lights came on. We ran the good race and wifey and I still love each other. The best part was having hot showers and easier contact with what's going on around us. Thank goodness for a wood stove to heat water, a geni for making coffee and watching dvd's on the big screen. Driving around and seeing all the trees down was immense in certain areas. Just waiting for insurance to help get things fixed and replaced. Going to take a while to skim through all the posts. I'm most curious how dif
  6. First day I've been able to get out and connect to the outside world with my computer. Too hard to do much with the phone expect some texts and calls. We still have no power in our area. Finally got our water back as we're on a community spring fed system. No hot water obviously. Extensive ice damage. I'll post pics later when I get power back on. As per usual the wonderful warm nose kept us at 28f all Friday into Sat am and mostly ZR. Managed only about 1/2" of snow followed by a devastating inch of ice. 10m miles away friends had up to a foot of snow. Just like '17 I get warm nosed"
  7. Steady light rain, 30f and things icing up pretty good now. Don't think I'm gonna get any upper level support. Lost our power last night for 5hrs from wind somewhere bringing the usual limbs down. 4 time since the Sept. fire. A gnat can fart somewhere in the area and we go down. Counting on losing power tonight. Geni says she's ready to eat!
  8. I have a bottle of Black Velvet Toasted Caramel in the boat. Whenever we net a salmon we toast. That's some pretty good tasty stuff.
  9. I've been under green since 2017, Never seems to go away. Did manage an inch but its back to ZR. Hoping with increased precip rates later that might might change things. Going to be an interesting evening.
  10. Light rain and 30f for the last 3 hrs with minor accumulation of ice. Starting to get a light coating of ice. I think the sun angle evened the impact out even with clouds earlier. As the sun gets lower it seems that changes the accumulation of the ZR. Temp has only dropped from 30.6 to 30.2 over the last hour.
  11. Have a friend that lives on top of Chehalem Mtn at about 1.500ft across from you. Same story as you. Mostly ZR and sleet.
  12. That's quite a warm layer. I've had drizzle all morning at 29f. Round two tonight or will we win that battle with some colder air aloft? If not, gonna get real messy.
  13. I'm going to have a T-shirt made that says, "I beat the warm nose". Now that being said, I had 34f and rain until 6pm when temps started creeping down again. By 7 I had 33 with sleet so I knew the upper levels had cooled. By 9 I was at 32 and tiny flakes starting to mix in when at 9:30. . . . my power went out. Lost all my floodlights over the creek. We ended up going to sleep and never saw a flake fall. So, if you don't see any flakes fall, did they really fall? Ended up with half inch. Right now, 29 with light rain mist/drizzle. What will tonight bring? Another warm nose? Proba
  14. My wife and I jumped in the SUV, put it in 4-wheel and headed towards the Gorge. Troutdale is only 15 miles away. 35f and light rain at home but less than 10 miles down the road it was like another world. 28f and snow (and some sleet) blowing sideways just south of Gresham. Unreal. Drove around a little, watched some drivers spinning out and ill prepared for driving conditions, then back home. The wind and snow was amazing. I'm finally down to 32 back at the house with a little light sleet and I still can't eke out a snowflake. Wash, rinse, and repeat 2017. Warm nosed yet aga
  15. Wind picked back up. Temp dropped almost immediately from my high of 38 down to 36. Still too warm overhead. Pure cold light rain so far. Glad I’m not steelhead fishing today. I used to fish in this but my old bones say no now. Fishing in snowfall is fun. Cold rain isn’t.
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