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  1. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1770-spring-2018-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=335904
  2. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1770-spring-2018-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=335904
  3. - .. At this point main colder air mass—that looked at more fully through and across the greater Northern hemisphere—is near to having reached its full expansion, or movement and spread, more southward, i. e. out and down from its main higher latitude source both regions and areas and into the mid-latitudes. And with this idea, should begin to regress (or recoil) back more northward beginning in a few days, on or near to the 7th of April. This, while also at about this same time main colder air mass as a whole begins to move more assertively eastward for about a week or so. — Of note h
  4. .. Actually I had, in its more original form. (It appears to have been updated since I had leastwise.) — In its present form, I'm gathering some of what the main ideas are all about. I appear to have achieved my "ranking", pretty much purely as the result of my once more numerous posts submitted.
  5. - hey.. "Marine Layer". ... Interesting certainly, that you've begun my projections thread for Spring for me here. Hope that you're gathering some insights from what I've submitted. Regarding what you've said here above a bit more specifically, first, I must confess I don't really know what the "Weather Forums March Madness" thing, is. Perhaps you could help me to know better, more exactly. Beyond this, and if I may respond to what you've suggested, further above, .... .. If you'll check my most recent set of projections—(if single post, where considering cold air's both latitudina
  6. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1711-winter-2017-18-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=331091
  7. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1711-winter-2017-18-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=331091
  8. - .. With its having begun to do so back on the 11th of March, at this point main cold air mass looked at more across the board from east to west fuller Northern hemispheric scope, is now about four days into a general regression back more northward. This where considering a more or less cyclical, more inner-seasonal and very near to bi-monthly more latitudinal distribution—i. e. fist general expansion, or movement and spread daily more southward, occurring over approximately two weeks, followed by a nearly equal timeframe period of regress, or "retraction" or even "contraction" of broad
  9. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1711-winter-2017-18-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=328518 @
  10. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1711-winter-2017-18-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=328518
  11. - .. With its having begun to do so back on the 25th of February, at this point main cold air mass looked at more across the board—from east to west, fuller Northern hemispheric scope—is continuing to move and spread daily more southward. This with its being set to continue to do so through the 10th of March. .. At the same time and with its having over the past few days been moving fairly assertively east - if at the same time having been steered south, main and broader cold air should be caused to start moving more slowly, more longitudinally east over and during the next four or five day
  12. .. If you check the daily fuller global IR images at the site-page accessible through the link following here just below, you'll see that since the 24th, when you'd ask this question, ... https://www.nnvl.noaa.gov/view/globaldata.html#GOES .. a significant mass of more northward sitting and tracking cold air, if with having been moving at a fair clip east where and with having been cresting north of a ridge having been set up at the time, once over and by that ridge, had turned sharply down the Coast with cold's both at that point, still slower movement east more over-all, together with al
  13. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1711-winter-2017-18-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=325679
  14. (.. cross-reference.) http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1711-winter-2017-18-colder-air-mass-movement-and-distribution-projections/?p=325679
  15. _ Certainly somewhat counter-intuitive (i. e. not having appeared to have been what's been occurring.) with the colder conditions scenario that's been playing out over much of California over the past four or five days @ , although, … .. At this point, main and broader cold air mass—that looked at more across the board, east to west, broader Northern hemispheric scope—is in basic recession mode. Or retracting daily more northward. And has been since Feb. 11th. Set to continue to recess still more northward through to the 25th. This while where looked at more longitudinally, main colder a
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