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  1. I just went back and took a look at the entire 0Z GEM run from last night and I was way off base with my negative comments about it. You were right, it was a much better run than the GFS and I should have held my fire until I actually saw the whole run. Onward to better runs.
  2. Not a hint of snow seen here. Had a low of 33 just after midnight and it's been warming since. Currently 39 and drizzling. Hoping I'll catch some of that CZ Friday morning. It looks like I'm right in the sweet spot.
  3. Truthfully I didn't even look at the run, I was just going off the comparison Rob was showing. That particular frame didn't strike me as anything special. I guess I over extrapolated.
  4. The radar has shown some snow over my area but it's not hitting the ground.
  5. Sure but that's like choosing a tooth extraction over a root canal.
  6. Yeah I do see a bit of coolish onshore flow in your area haha.
  7. I topped out at 35 today with a current 34. The lingering fog kept me cold. 35/28
  8. I just noticed there is a covering of snow on the top of Jordan Ridge (the hill in the pic) at about the 1800 foot level. The photo just doesn't pick it up very well.
  9. Up to 33 here as fog has lifted. Had a low of 28. Nice day ahead.
  10. The high temps look pretty cool but the lows are not very. Probably due to persistent cloud cover I guess.
  11. 39/36 today. Foggy but not raining. Currently 38 and very dreary.
  12. No. Please keep commenting. I love your positive views.. they keep me a bit more encouraged even though I tend to be quite negative. It's the knocking others for not jumping on board that wouldn't be missed.
  13. Yeah, what's with kayla lately!? He's been pissing in my cornflakes for a couple days now. Knock it off please.
  14. At my age the number of winters left is likely in single digits. I do expect some surprises before this one is past though. It seems like we are into an era of more extremes, and not just weather.
  15. 38 after a low of 36 here. Misting a bit. Not much to like in the models, in fact per Pivotal at face value the Euro has 37F as Seattle's lowest reading through the next 10 days. Brrr. Still holding out for a white Christmas though.
  16. Wow. A bit cooler today for sure. 39/33 with 39 currently.
  17. If that sucker verifies things aren't going to turn around before December is in the crapper. On to January.
  18. We all got our model riding jollies out of this so all is not lost. It's early. We will likely have two or three similar episodes before March. After all, most of our winter weather joy is spent in anticipation of an event rather than actually experiencing it. Now get out there and enjoy the MEH.
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