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  1. Rain just changed to snow in northern Kane County. Thanks for all the informational posts everyone! Does anyone know the expected snow ratio for the Chicago area?
  2. I wonder if the difference between the 12z and 18z NAM qpf was due to lack of weather balloon input?
  3. Sounds like it should really pick up after midnight. Still talks of 1+ rates after midnight for NIL.
  4. LOT has my grid at: Tonight: 1 - 3 Monday 2 - 4 Monday night 1 - 2 Tuesday 1 - 2 That would be impressive if it reached the high end of that!
  5. So is it 3 to 6 inch event from Sunday night to Monday evening, and then the lake kicks in for the Chicago area?
  6. What do we think the timing for the heaviest snows will be for the Chicago area? Late afternoon?
  7. I still think the gfs has a great track record these past storms.
  8. That makes perfect sense! Thanks for taking the time to explain.
  9. Sorry, but what is waa? Still learning... Thanks!
  10. If the gfs were to verify, are we looking at a Friday afternoon start time in the Chicago area?
  11. Tom, are you saying the 18z gfs is not likely to happen?
  12. Sorry for the questions... Does anyone know if Instant weather weather snow maps are statistically better than pivotal? Just curious. Thanks!
  13. Tom, I believe LOTs latest take is 5 to 10 in the Orange based on their post this morning. Couldn't post the graphic though...sorry!
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