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  1. Dang , your superior intelligence is overwhelming, never heard of this supply and demand thingy in this greedy capitalistic country. Thanks for lumping everyone together when one or two jumped the gun (can I say that these days), on the whys currently, when others were talking about what the future holds. Funny you say people think socialism is "coming" . Where have you been the last 20 years.
  2. Portlander relaxing before another night on the town. Living the dream, no doubt
  3. Won't take long to go from being Energy independent to buying supplemental oil from OPEC or Russia who couldn't be happier with the new administration. This is what we fought wars over ,do we really want to go backwards
  4. What does the EPS have for totals on the third wave on the 28th through the OV
  5. These are normal progressive changes we see with every event on models. Always overdone at 7+ days, then days 6-5-4 , the trend shift and more reasonable qpf, day 3 mods come to a general agreement, day 2 , make a forecast. Same thing every storm.
  6. That probably is possible but the probability is probably in question. Maybe.
  7. They said the exact opposite yesterday at hour 348. Models are sensing a pattern change mid month, but until we get within 10 days , I wouldn't worry one way or the other. Some good signs down the road for sure, but the most important one will be a -EPO, and not for just a day or two, it has to sustain to fill Canada with a fresh arctic air mass and eventually the lower 48. If not marginal to slightly below normal temps will rule
  8. Totally agree on that one, those 2 and others are op Ed's, real investigative news has been lost. Hindsight is 20/20. Mistakes will be made along with good decisions. There is no playbook to follow. Every leader around the world is getting raked through the coals. Dr. Fauci made an analogy to a war plan and I know some have a conniption when comparing to war but it does fit. He said you have a plan going in and once the battle starts things are ever changing ,so the plan is ever changing. Of course he explained it more in detail but that's the jist
  9. My biggest disbelief is that you think a Democrat would have been flawless in every decision. Look around , the world is learning together and yes , MAYBE some things in retrospect but no one knows for sure . You are monday morning quarterbacking every move and decision of a pandemic that we don't know what actions may be the best.
  10. Russia ? Really? The dems nominated the only person who was loathed more and mistrust more in government in the great Hillary. Independents and even dems crossed over to nominate maga man. Why do libs always forget to add illegal to the word immigrant . ?
  11. Ghoulish to be monday morning quarterbacking a pandemic let alone in its infancy. Since the goons are doing so , I'll do mine and say thank goodness we have a president who had the guts to ban travel when he did, because any other Republican or Democrat (especially Democrat) would not have done so for fear of being called what Trump was called. This thing would be triple or worse than what it is now or going to be
  12. Fox News devoted 8 years of Obama and Hillary bashing. And still are!!! It’s hypocritical and smart people see through it. Trump lost by 3 million votes. He just got them in the right areas. He’s not popular. He’s just followed by an obsessed cult. Lol, were you looking in a mirror when you wrote this. That darn trump just had to go and outsmart the great Hillary and apparently you , I thought you were smart?
  13. Wow , getting caught up , unbelievable how people dont listen for themselves and have to have the media to interpret. I listened early last week when trump mentioned that he would like to get back to some sort of restricted normalcy close to easter and that he would decide by early this week if that could happen. Well , it was yesterday he decided , no. At the time , I never dreamed that people would have such a reaction and misunderstanding to a simple statement.
  14. Be careful with stats or facts from most websites Unless you're using the CDCs or John's Hopkins
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