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  1. Is there where I come to get my hopes (hypes!) up just to be disappointed again? Last 2 winters were awful (for winter lovers) in SW michigan. I suspect more of the same. Maybe I'll actually get a snowstorm this year? it's been awhile. Let me guess all the models that are discounted in the Summer for warm patterns are now in play when they show cold and snowy patterns 4-6 months out? I'm gonna get drunk on bias in here this fall.
  2. Signs are pointing to a pretty significant heatwave to open up August. We shall see. Either way it looks to be hot here in Michigan. Probably our hottest week of the year from August 3rd-10th time frame. Still a ways out to see where the pattern goes. All the models are warm. Of course the GFS is ridiculously extreme per usual. It's like that model goes into overdrive every other run to the after 7 days out.
  3. Never lost power and not much damage in my neighborhood. Drove to work this morning and was quite a bit of big branches and some full trees down near Riverside Park. I recorded 2.78" inches of rainfall throughout the event. Much needed. About the same amount I've received the last 60 days total.
  4. GFS has some serious heat in 10-14 days. Hope it doesn't get this warm.
  5. Very brief "cool" down here for a couple days. Brrrrr near 80. Then the heat looks to come roaring back.
  6. Most of the rain missed south of my area as predicted. Next wave should miss south as well on thursday. Oh well. Looks we "cool" off to the low 80's to mid 80's for the foreseeable future. Brrrrr.. Unless the GFS is correct. Then we really get HOT again in a week or two.
  7. Decent rain last night. .60" recorded at my house. Not enough. Hoping we get some more up here, but looking south and then quite dry for awhile again.
  8. Literally One or two sprinkles this morning. Been too busy to water. Planning on underground sprinkling in the next year or two. But my front lawn is toast. Backyard ok because we water more. It's dry.
  9. AN for the foreseeable future with not a lot of rain here in SMI. Despite the constant "signs" in the long range for cooler rainier pattern. Just doesn't happen. Even the GFS has warmed significantly and that model absolutely notorious for underplaying warmth in the long range. It's gonna be a very Hot July compared to normal.
  10. .47" inches of rain overnight. That puts me at 1.18" this month where it looks like that will end. Dry month. Looks like quite a warm pattern shaping up the next 10 days. Nothing extreme, but AN for sure. Perfect 4th weekend weather.
  11. It's like they were reading my mind. Rain chances look good though at least for one day. GRR: We are continuing with the overall theme of predominantly dry and warmer weather into the weekend with temperatures at or above normal. This continues a stretch of dry conditions that brings us closer to an official "Abnormally Dry" designation per the U.S. Drought Monitor website. That information gets updated every Thursday at 8:30 am Eastern Time, but Tuesday morning is the cutoff for receiving data to inform that update. Our next chance for rain is Tuesday night. Hence, any precipitation that occurs then will not affect Thursday`s Drought Monitor update. -- Showers and thunderstorms possible Tuesday night -- It`s looking more likely that most, of not all, of the forecast area will see measurable precipitation Tuesday night. This is shown in the 12Z HREF model suite. In fact, the Localized Prob-Matched Mean (LPMM) guidance even shows a couple of small swaths associated with precipitation totals in the neighborhood of an inch. As noted in the SPC Day2 outlook, thunder will be possible areawide and this is supported by the 12Z HRRR. However, thunder chances will be substantially greater to the north closer to where synoptic forcing should be concentrated.
  12. ahh yes, forgot about Saturday night's "rain". I had a sprinkle imby but it did not measure anything.
  13. No measurable rain in last 12 days, looking at 14 days straight at least. I've recorded .71 inches of rain in June. I'm not sure how, at least locally, we are not in the "abnormally" dry drought index. I believe officially GR has received .85 inches in June. Anyone who hasn't watered every day, their lawn is burnt toast. We built a rain barrel two weeks ago, obviously it's empty still. We need rain. Near perfect day today in the low 70's. Even more perfect tomorrow around 80. Extended forecast looks relatively dry. Experts, when are we going to see rain? Why is it so dry all of the sudden?
  14. Amazing enough. We need rain. Going to turn to Browntown around here without rain and the AN warm to hot weather this week.
  15. Front is through. It got hot and steamy. Unbearable outside. Officially 87 with dew of 74. feels like 96. Thick thick air.
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