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  1. 74 here at my house today. Might make a run at 80 this week. What a difference in past April’s. We had snowstorms the previous April’s during this time.
  2. yes I used the data from the 20th century average. The US had the 19th coldest February on record as a whole.
  3. Total global temperatures for February 2021 was 0.65 C warmer than 20th century average. Smallest AN since 2014
  4. In the Great lakes, the real warmth is happening now. It will get colder of course, but already seeing signs any cold shots will be brief with overall warmth reigning over the region in the Great Lakes in the long term.
  5. Looks like an amazing stretch of weather coming for SMI. Saturday thru Wednesday of next week. Cold nights mild to warm days (low 60's) plenty of sunshine. So much better than the last few March's. Spring is here!
  6. April looking torchy af. When’s the last time That happened?
  7. I believe the GFS is being uprgaded to v16 tomorrow?
  8. I welcome it dry. Having a lake house it's nice to see the water level down on Lake Michigan this winter. Pentwater Lake (connected to Lake Michigan) was overflowing the road we had to drive 20 minutes out of the way just to get to town. Hoping for a Dry summer as well.
  9. Last half of March, April beginning to look warmer and warmer.
  10. GRR has issued a WWA for my area. 2-4”. This really trended north. 4-7” for points SE of my area. Still haven’t issued an updated discussion. But what a fail. I know there is a sharp cutoff but they completed disregarded all the models outside of the old gfs. They have not been good this winter. I guess I put too much faith in the experts. When it all comes down to it, anyone can read a computer and guess. They had 2-4” before the Arctic blast and storm last week and ended up going with 1-2 feet last minute lol.
  11. The Hi Rez euro gives me a dusting. The gfs is barely worth mentioning. GRR is being realistic. I think you’ll do decent 3-4” at the worst but these maps showing a foot in SMI are insane and not worth taking seriously. Otherwise the GRR NWS should look for a new job.
  12. Weird that at 20 degrees and light snow falling that it did not accumulate on any cars. It all melted. About 1” total today.
  13. Deterministic and ensemble mean QPF for Monday night and Tuesday is trending down as the system is tracking farther south and east. This now looks like only an inch or two and mainly for areas south and east of GRR. Another system later in the week (Thur-Fri) takes a similar track and may be another near miss for us.
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