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  1. Except he didn't. If you view the non MSM crap version you will see he is only saying he doesn't believe in MAN MADE global warming never said the world wasn't warming. He just doesn't want to sell our nation up a creek without a paddle to the lowest bidder.AKA The UN. In other words he doesn't want a nanny state out of it telling us what to think, what we are allowed to drive,whether or not we can use rainwater in our own backyard.etc. (Yes some places it's illegal to collect rainwater and you will get dinged with a fine or have a nice talk with a judge about usage of water) Not that I'd wa
  2. Didn't they say 80 something days without a drop of rain in a row? Wouldn't that be a drought even in Dallas Texas?
  3. All I'll say is the last few days except yesterday were chemfested No less then 8 of them at one time and they were also flying in weird directions where there are no airports too or from that can handle the size of planes and altitude they are flying at WELL above 30,000ft which is commercial level. Otherwise known as flight level 300. \ I watched the trails get bigger and bigger to the point they cover up the sun in that white milky haze imitating the "high clouds" and the humidity is higher on those days on my RH scale at home then without which without fail always bottoms out around 3
  4. Our old Ford Windstar which served us for 15 years from 2000 you could do that very easy and use only a very little bit of gas to do so not wearing your engine out. You barely have the pedal downn and you could keep up with that kind of traffic or pass them WITHOUT the engine having to rev and rev for several seconds: You count to 3 and your already there passing and it scared us the first few times not use to such power and this is no race car. We have NEVER had to floor it: Only once just to see what it was actually like and it felt like a nitrus boosts from hell. Our current car the ne
  5. Barring the government people not being a--holes about it doing things they shouldn't....even a warmer world could have it's own weather excitements and apostrophes that don't involve cold and snow so it's not exactly the "end of the forum" even if we go most years with just a trace of snow. Ifred obviously has forgotten the 2008 thru 2012 era which had many interesting moments or he wasn't around yet on the forums not sure which.
  6. You should try Prescott. More rain then Peenix and even a bit more snow but pretty manageable as old sol does it's magic trick with only 1 in every 4 years being truly "bad" if you can call it that and only if you live in the high hills above 5,500 feet as the town is at 5,000 proper. http://www.city-data.com/forum/prescott/2694785-snow-prescott-chino-valley-3.html You can choose between Chino Valley where the "sprawl" as they locally call it or the historic town proper which gets a bit more snow but it's all in perspective. Take a look at the thread. I actually am intruiged by it. Flags
  7. I sure don't feel chilled here on the west coast! 2008-2011 was colder! Hardly any sun
  8. well keep on waiting. last wam period was from 1,000AD to 1200AD with the most extreme at the latter end when Lake Tahoe went totally dry and the SW unlivable/arid even though 1,000 AD was the peak of warmth. we have at minimum 2000 years of this crap with the peak in 1998 but lag effects to observation.
  9. my only beef is his constant use of the word crash which stirs hype! He only got popular when that one Russian scientist made the prediction which he later retracted after more data was done and held back on the crash longer which turns out is correct! The 2008 thru 2012 cool down was due to fresh water from melting glaciers which the scientist said was going to "kill" the gulf stream: it was messed up for a short while but bounced right back! during this cool down global temps dropped 0.9C causing the media to say a "pause" on global warming but by 2015 would return. guess whom was correct
  10. another major player is the microscopic pieces of plastic in the ocean. In the end of the Bush era it was just bigger then Texas and now is as large as the west coast! what that does is due to the Bernoulli Effect slows/stop movement making things not go right which in turn alters the jet stream. that drives our weather and without a proper jet stream we won't get organized storms.without them dying before thyey reach us. thus the models flipping around as they do not have the proper data inputted. the models expect historical climate which without these changes would work better. Even
  11. When s it coming to our theater? Will it be a big hit (flop) like Inconvenient Lie?
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