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  1. Maybe we will get one of those quick hitting Feb 1933 arctic air masses which give us one day in the 20s and teens and then back to usual mild winter weather without any snow at all.
  2. The Dungeons and Dragons weather model complex just not delivering us anything exciting. Might just have to settle for a March snowstorm if anything.
  3. How about some old Skool literature to explain: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/2fe6/d510a751b16c2f42da9cdd02de5f9b35ec73.pdf there was lots of blocking going on in the northern hemisphere that month...
  4. As best as I know this is the deepest trough over the Pac NW in the last 72 years.
  5. Living in the Willamette Valley can feel like being the ancient mariner with albatross on neck, the curse of low elevation and smothering layer of oceanic air
  6. Keep posting daffodil pics and this will happen to you . This was my front yard March 2012, 7-8” of heavy wet snow on my blooming daffodils
  7. Not suggesting anything but I bet Storm King was a result of a setup like we may be dealing with next week with cutoff low pinching off the coast and Arctic airmass returning to interior in time.
  8. Much more plausible and potentially favorable. Models seem to be overzealous in developing all sorts of mini upper lows in chaotic fashion. I am no professor of fluid dynamics physics but when you have two blocking highs approaching another it is like putting like polarity magnets together and shi’t happens. A more consolidated flow pattern makes more sense or is much more understandable to say the least
  9. Trio of cutoff lows streaming down western North America looks alien to me and downright fake like in a movie
  10. Just a bunch of horseshitt on the 18z. It’s 90 something degrees all over the place in southern Cal...it shows more more snow in San Gabriel mts falling than anywhere in Oregon. Not going to happen
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