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  1. They are escaping downtown Seattle and Portland in great flocks
  2. 1951. Most anomalous 500mb pattern of the modern era (save for Nov 1955 perhaps)
  3. Let me not forget to say how impressed I am with the performance of the winter storm up north...kudos (and apologies) to all. Weather is just plain fascinating sometimes
  4. It will happen at some point. What we are most overdue for is a massive windstorm. The Puget Sound area had their Hanukkah Eve storm. Aside from that the west side valleys haven’t had much wind.
  5. Besides Bellingham and Portland, Eugene is the only other non-village to have high temp in single digits in this corridor. So I’m not worried. When was the the last time PDX had high in teens?
  6. And of course since Storm King, Eugene holds the most hallowed of snowfall records.
  7. Actually in some respects Eugene has done well over overachieved in the past 20 years: 1) we have arguably the strongest windstorm in the I-5 corridor (Feb 2002) 2) by far the coldest temps in a arctic airmass (Dec 2013) 3) got 19” of snow in three days out of borderline airmass 4) worst ice storm until yesterday 5) insane firestorm 6) quarter sized hail May 2006 Save for relative lack of thunderstorms I would say our summer weather is superior to any location north of here. of course I would like more of all the above except the fires If we cou
  8. before and after from my webcam in central oregon
  9. I think winter is far from over. Like 1916 or 1951. Eugene could still score later on, as would everybody else
  10. at least I have trees and power lines standing. Normally don’t give a shît about rainbows
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