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  1. Well, some awesome news for me. Models were showing rain this time today for a long time. I went to Cascade Mountain yesterday (it's awesome for the Midwest, they even gave me a FREE ticket since I have a pass at Alpine Valley and said I could come back again this week). The rain Portage, WI was supposed to get is actually snow, even though it's 35. What a nice surprise. The base was great but pretty thin with all the warm temps, that rain would have been horrible but this snow is awesome. It's not enough to really build up the base, but it didn't hurt it.
  2. I hope this can hit the Wisconsin Dell area hard. Would be pretty cool to have one more day of real winter riding at Cascade. And they're doing a thing where if you have a pass from ANYWHERE else you get a free lift ticket.
  3. It was absolutely weird. The snow for snowboarding was the best it's been in a very long time most of the year, but it also started later than any time in years and ended very early too. I easily lost a month of riding, which is a huge part of the season, but we had more powder days (for Wisconsin) than I can recall having in a single year in a very long time. This winter was weird, a lot of the things that make a winter suck for winter lovers was there, yet there was also a lot of good things. Personally it wasn't that good to me. The ski hill was absolutely slammed with people not havin
  4. The heat was too much, Alpine Valley and Wilmot are both done for the year. They were planning on making it to this weekend, too.
  5. I feel like we go through this every year. Models show one last major dump and it always ends up a big nothing burger.
  6. It's always so much fun watching these models do such a horrible job of handling these March storms. GFS has me in play, lol.
  7. The rain pretty much missed me. My hill should live to ski another weekend!
  8. Wow haha both maps showing big dead spots exactly where my ski hill is.
  9. I disagree. Trump turned the USA into an energy producer, so the USA was competing in the oil markets. Traditionally, OPEC controlled everything and if they wanted it to be $120 a barrel it would be. Trump was able to put OPEC in check by allowing the USA to drill and refine enough to be competitive. It's a bit like how recycling steel causes a ton of pollution, so you can't do it in the West. Every time you recycle steel it gets put on a giant ship to China, where they recycle it and cause a ton of pollution, and then it gets shipped back here. Lots of green things work like that. A
  10. Imagine how disappointed I am. My racing jet skis burn about 7 gallons of premium fuel an hour. I think people who don't realize what Trump was doing are just going to say "just buy an electric car" without realizing there are semi trucks that get 2mpg delivering all their food and goods to them. At least I rode them a ton last year and took advantage of it. I think we will go back to those things costing me over $50/hr to run by the time you add the oil (it's a two stroke) and pay for premium gas.
  11. Oh dang the last run went back to rain for me. This is going to be a nail biter for the rest of my local snowboard season.
  12. Oh wow that was a big rainer a few days ago. I hope this turns out, it means at least an extra week of snowboarding.
  13. It's enough to screw up the skiing and snowboarding and then get cold enough to stop anyone from doing outdoor activities. Lambs? Lions? This march is coming in like a POS and leaving like a POS.
  14. GFS looks so bad for squeezing out the rest of the season. Warm next week then it gets cold after. I think it's going to be a long spring.
  15. 10 to 20 inches of base left on my ski hill, lots of warm weather. This week will probably be the last given the temps, and the week after looking wet. Late start, early end for this year, I legit lost more than a month of my snowboard season this year compared to the previous year. Which is pretty substantial considering season is generally from mid November to mid March, with an entire month in the middle lost to big Christmas break crowds and college break.
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