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  1. Unrelenting ice assault here in Gladstone. 27. Trees in the area sagging and cracking and crying uncle. Ma Nature seems to be saying, “Fuc$ you.” Still, really happy to see all the scoring happening, especially for the Portland/Couv folks.
  2. I’m just jealous. Listening to branches break and seeing transformers lighting the sky. Crazy. Enjoy! I always appreciate your analysis.
  3. Yeah, it feels like PDX folk are due for at least one more panic-inducing model wobble. On the bright side, we at the same moment will be blessed with more absurdly hyperbolic reactions to said wobble, puppy pics, and rug-pull references.
  4. Not sure. If you get a chance, could you let me know if it SHIFTS EAST?
  5. True. But pretty obvious to 99% of the people here, I’m guessing, despite some moments of indulgent optimism.
  6. One wonders if a weather forum is the best place for you. You seem to have complete fidelity to the GOLU method. So save yourself the trouble, avoid us speculative idiots, and go enjoy the cold rain that you recognize as the only rational truism.
  7. Honestly,I’ll be satiated with a few flakes or momentary mix here in Gladstone. I like living here (no sad face necessary), but when it hears the phrase “marginal event,” this area has a notorious habit of immediately getting in the fetal position to take its cold rain beating. Not a snow lover’s dreamscape, even by a realistic PNW lowlander’s standards.
  8. I think he’s mentioned being out in the Fisher’s Mill/ Springwater area before. Could be wrong.
  9. Yeah, I mean pretty easy to cherry pick annoyances on this forum. For some, it might be a guy that downvotes profusely. For others, it’s a guy who touts model volatility during a pattern change as a groundbreaking, personal discovery and then reminds everyone ad nausea that he did just that. Or posts puppy photos. Or aligns themselves with the most obvious possible model solutions and shows up when they verify to remind everyone that he knew better in a veiled arrogance. It’s what makes this place great!
  10. If someone were to make a parody of weather forum model riding—comedic gold for .0001 of the world’s population—I imagine you as a sort of Leslie Nielsen type protagonist.
  11. Well, it’s a weather forum in the midst of a rather (so far)uneventful winter, so I’m wondering what else you’d prefer to talk about? Endless posts about how it’s 41 and raining in the “swamp” or those that suggest Eugene is a snow-deprived wasteland, derelict and forgotten by Mother Nature? Or perhaps mocking “we’re fuc$&!” (MLK!) posts after every bad run? I personally enjoy the speculative, sometimes-bordering-on creative analysis in these moments. Pretty boring place otherwise. Keep it up, I say. Not to mention the naysayers would have no identity otherwise. Just like me.
  12. I rarely post anything to the forum because I realize I have nothing of real value to contribute, but then I see your comments and realize that substance and value are not necessarily mandatory prerequisites.
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