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    Lived in Troutdale for five years and loved the weather there! I miss it but I don't miss it. East wind was powerful beyond anything I could ever imagine. I do miss the 24/7 howling of my old friend.
    Federal Way is frustrating in the weather department compared to Troutdale

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  1. 78/47 currently 64* My froggy is croaking like clockwork this evening (critter reports).
  2. Marine influence creeping closer to my place. This morning I could see the fog over by Gig Harbor creeping in. Pretty sure that’s as far as it will get.
  3. 75/45 with zero critter sounds....unless my frog at the pond is awake
  4. Definitely one of those fun warm/cold days pending sun breaks, showers and winds. I peeled and layered several times while out on the River today.
  5. No hail, no rain, no thunder and no fish .... quite windy though. Nest cam back home showed lots of activity though. Some pretty awesome photos being posted....gotta love Spring !!
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