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    Lived in Troutdale for five years and loved the weather there! I miss it but I don't miss it. East wind was powerful beyond anything I could ever imagine. I do miss the 24/7 howling of my old friend.
    Federal Way is frustrating in the weather department compared to Troutdale

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  1. That picture has winter painted all over it.....you believed and you received!!! ️
  2. 31* here with frosty white rooftops. Car has thin layer of frozen lumpy snow but nothing on ground. Wish the CZ would make more appearances like that in the South Sound
  3. 34.8, with every notch it ticks down it looks a little better IMG_4194.MOV
  4. I wonder how many folks are tucked in bed and have no idea it’s flocked outside!
  5. I’m in the blue.....for a moment! in Batman’s voice.....”I’m MossMan”
  6. It just started here....I’m in the game for a moment with hail!
  7. Disintegrated over me with the new CZ reforming just to the north....so cool to watch in motion. https://video.nest.com/clip/c0f452efb7144fb49988c384e89c5693.mp4
  8. This Jim being denied I hope the other Jim is scoring something white
  9. Getting closer.....looks like a wall cloud underneath as it approaches
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