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    Lived in Troutdale for five years and loved the weather there! I miss it but I don't miss it. East wind was powerful beyond anything I could ever imagine. I do miss the 24/7 howling of my old friend.
    Federal Way is frustrating in the weather department compared to Troutdale

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  1. Did that first thing this morning for the first time. Then proceeded to the Burroughs Mountains trail. Spectacular area and so close to home ! Better add some weather input for today 82/56 today currently sitting at 78*
  2. Sunrise on the northeast side of Rainer. Beautiful views from everywhere! Also had a friend join me
  3. Awoke at 3 am so decided to just head up to Rainer this morning. So I was already up there during that first shot you took! Smoke free !
  4. This is from July 30th last year……hoping to get up there this next week for another hike and I’ll snap another photo for comparison. North side of mountain fyi
  5. 76* here currently (72* yesterday at this time). Should be able to reach 83* today here locally
  6. That whole area got hammered yesterday with some good rainfall! Must be miserable today with the high humidity levels….yuk! Moisture currently hanging just south of Phoenix.
  7. North wind over the Sound will battle to keep us a bit cooler then the rest (according to HRRR). I think we will still string a few 80*+ this weekend into next week though.
  8. 79/51 currently 76* 80* denied but another beautiful day to be out playing in it
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