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    Of course weather
    Flight sim.....FSX
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    Retired from Costco
    Lived in Troutdale for five years and loved the weather there! I miss it but I don't miss it. East wind was powerful beyond anything I could ever imagine. I do miss the 24/7 howling of my old friend.
    Federal Way is frustrating in the weather department compared to Troutdale

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  1. Have a good one all….will check back when I can but my internet hour is up. Sun is setting as well ….into the darkness I go
  2. The group I’m going with will do some side trips….Mostar really does look cool. So hope to explore a little. Will be back though…this trip just opens the door for me
  3. Lol! Bosnia Promised my younger brother I would do a pilgrimage here. Andrew may know some of the going ons over here….but it’s regarding visions of Mary in this village by a bunch of kids who are now older. We’re actually staying at one of the places the visionary help run and she will probably be serving us. New adventure for me….bring it on! Going to be fun and first time in Europe.
  4. Funny you mention flying as I just boarded and heading overseas. Bought and hour of internet to get the latest on the Hurricane as I have a family on the east coast of Florida. checking here for any info. Will scroll through after this post. Anyhow, very cool on the update to the sim!!! Man, I wish I was still in doing the thing but lately I’m just on the go in the outside world. Someday I may return flight sim as it is just a cool realistic program and so immersive. Still would love to build a cockpit !!! Perhaps when I age. Thanks for the update Wayne
  5. It was crazy the way it played out….with the setup I knew it was going to be a fun one but didn’t go down to the waterfront to experience. Missed opportunity but I did enjoy from my yard.
  6. From another camera different angle https://video.nest.com/clip/c0adc22a773f44e287131fb35633e655.mp4
  7. Wow! Nest timelapse of fire in the sky https://video.nest.com/clip/73f0dbf47148491b8b22c1020fe151a4.mp4 FullSizeRender.MOV
  8. Flying in last night just off the Oregon coast a bit. Made for a pretty sunset ride in. At least I think this was smoke….haven’t been paying attention to weather lately…ugh
  9. Currently in Southeast Portland and dejavu of two years ago with these east winds, heat and smoke …ugh !
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