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    Lived in Troutdale for five years and loved the weather there! I miss it but I don't miss it. East wind was powerful beyond anything I could ever imagine. I do miss the 24/7 howling of my old friend.
    Federal Way is frustrating in the weather department compared to Troutdale

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  1. Back at you…Good opening !! Drippy soggy out with .07 in my bucket. 48*
  2. Quite a bit of debris at home as well. Digital clocks were all flashing as well so power was out at some point while I was away
  3. This band of moisture followed me home! i-5 south bound also had a huge backup down south of DuPont with a tree over the highway! Luckily on their side.
  4. Heavy bands keep missing me this morning. Still plenty windy down on the beach. Felt like 35-40 sustained with higher gust. Sea foam was cruising as well!
  5. Looks windy and wet out still here in Westport. We also lost power at some point last night. At least I got everything charged. Another day awaits
  6. The jetty usually isn’t breached ! Crazy day and of course I edited for dramatics. None the less water was pouring over the jetty all day long! Two different edits
  7. I had broccoli tonight…that goes with spouts! It’s dark out and I hear rain pouring out. RIP FederalWayWx
  8. They played the game and survived…..kind of stressed me out though
  9. Make sure you link that photo (Dewey…link that green debris as well) to the Wikipedia page representing this history making storm!
  10. Will catch up later, otherwise I’ve been out enjoying. Sensory overload is all I can say. Down at the jetty in the wind I was getting blown around pretty good and at times breath was taken away. Have no idea the wind speed. One flash of lightning earlier but for the most part wind and waves! just got my room and charging the phone a bit. I have a view of the Westport jetty where that tower is so I’m watching the waves flush over it! what a day and hope your all enjoying!
  11. Dark cell just to my south with blue sky following up. Winds blowing hard!
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