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  1. Gorgeous day today! High of 75 and currently 74* Cocktail on the patio !!! Hiked a little bit of Hurricane Ridge yesterday…I was expecting whiteout conditions from the marine layer but got a surprise
  2. 58* yikes .05 precipitation today and the house has finally cooled to 73* Taking some folks up Hurricane Ridge tomorrow but low clouds could ruin any views. Hoping we get some broken clouds though…time will tell
  3. 71* currently outside while inside the temp has maintained 81*! Marine push did not effectively scour the hot away inside my house
  4. Just refreshed cocktail drink….hope I can hold out on the patio a bit longer
  5. Any snow accumulation as the front went through? it is cocktail time as well….fyi
  6. Someone in my hiking group wanted to do this hike today….I declined because of the heat factor! Looks beautiful. I’m assuming your car survived the parking lot with no smashed window…I’m nervous about this lot. Been so many reports of multiple cars being broke into
  7. Back home after a little camping trip on Sand Island (right across from St. Helens town, aka…HalloweenTown). It was HOT! Grandson stayed cool though swimming in the Columbia. I have no idea how these kids do it?!? The water was Ccccoold! Federal Way currently at 92* Yesterdays high was 86* at the house
  8. I will be enjoying this heatwave on Sand Island (Columbia River across from Halloween town I think). Primitive campground with daughter and grandson. I’m assuming we will be in the water a lot! Enjoy all and stay safe out there! 55* with a NNW breeze
  9. Beautiful 70* out! Interesting walk earlier this morning in the drizzle with perpetual steam rising from the cement everywhere. Kind of cool! Reach 79* yesterday and I did get a little sun burn
  10. After yesterdays wet had to just get outside regardless. Headed to Mount Si in North Bend for a training hike. Was expecting the worst at the top but ceiling broke for 15 minutes. Even this wet, moist , depressing and dreary weather can be beautiful! Trying to look on the bright side . Lol, I also felt like I found Mordor
  11. Prices vary pending day you pick. The last time we played i booked the t-time and they gave my brothers a break and charged them local rates even though they live in Oregon. Pretty cool they did this….friendly bunch in the clubhouse. We’ll be back
  12. It is a fun course to play though ! Can’t wait for the brothers to come up for our annual game.
  13. Jason Day would later collapse from the heat in that barren land
  14. Pouring out .79 so far and current rate is .30
  15. Elliptical action here with monitor set to hike in Hawaii
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