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  1. Man, it feels great out! Going to miss this but let the rains begin! Sunny, still and 69* …..so perfect
  2. Speaking of high clouds these were over me this afternoon while I was enjoying the Orcas ….sad I missed the sunset though.
  3. 71/52 Enjoyed the sun while observing 8 Orca visiting the South Sound this afternoon!
  4. Had my blinds shut…..sad! Looked amazing on the nest cam system!
  5. Definitely check out Depoe Bay for the big waves (looks like folks already pointed this out…late again)
  6. Will be down there as well salmon fishing out of Garibaldi and Nehalem pending what area is getting the fish.
  7. 75/46 I liked everything about this day in the weather department including the moonset and sunrise through the light wispy fog
  8. Yep….I loved to watch him get excited about upcoming weather. Definitely filled with weather passion !!!
  9. Back home and currently under a nice shower watching the game! 62*
  10. Love our PNW! So many different landscapes….love Painted Hills….enjoy
  11. Nest cam just showing moderate rain at this point and no wind
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