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  1. Hoping to see the second surge of cold air get stronger and last a bit longer.
  2. It is an interesting article except for the garbage about the Antarctic ice melting and retreating. There isn't any indication that the land ice of the Antarctic is retreating as a whole. Which is what one part of the article said. Even the ice mass that is calculated as being lost is a very small amount. One would expect with more ice around the Antarctic, which is already a very dry climate, general statement, there would be even less precipitation. Which would lead to the balance of ice to slowly decrease. Still there is so much to be learned. Thanks for sharing the article.
  3. LOL. And yet even with record levels of CO2 and quite as steep increase in the amount of CO2 the the global temperature is not increasing by anywhere the same rate/(percentage of increase) as CO2. In fact by the ups and downs of the global temperature over the last decade and more has averaged out to no increase in the global temperature. Something is wrong with their theory. Yes I said theory, (dangerous, runaway, global warming caused by man) isn't proven.
  4. Eh, it is just the GFS and the 18z at that.I am not getting too excited until Thanksgiving day.
  5. I have worked at the tower in Olympia. The ASOS station is out in the middle of the airport a long ways from that mini mall. https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/weather/asos/?state=WA
  6. Sorry not to be adding to the numbers. I do appreciate what you do here and all the great posters. Some in particular bring a great amount of knowledge and information to the forum. I also enjoy reading the posts of those that just love the weather. It is interesting how the possibilities are shaping up and we've already had a great November.
  7. We had a very good thunderstorm here in the Olympia area during the last45 minutes. Many more lightning strikes than we normally get. Still hearing some distant thunder as I type.
  8. It is amazing how snow can create a structure like a cornice when the temp is right. This has to be one of the best I've seen. Of course we should start a separate thread for all of the Buffalo talk. Did you hear about the white buffalo?
  9. The video is just, wow. If I had the money I would have to go there with some other weather nuts just to experience that. Thanks Tim for sharing the video.
  10. Sunlight is getting dim here in Olympia. A high overcast is building. A heavy frost still on the ground in the sunlit areas.
  11. Frightening how much I'm starting to understand. Frustrating how much I still don't, oh well.
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