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  1. My parents lost 3 giant Arbutus trees in their yard due to fungus. I think they are more vulnerable when overwatered, quite different from Garry Oaks in that respect, even if they prefer the same habitat.
  2. We had a fairly heavy hail shower in Victoria this afternoon with that convective convergence coming down the island, enough to cover roofs/grass and some of the road. It dropped the temperature from 49F to 36F in under an hour and because it happened end of day things never really warmed up afterwards. Currently 35F, it's going to be icy in the morning.
  3. Your area fluctuated between trace~2" to 20"+ in the models. Seems like you did pretty well in the the end though.
  4. Finally got a clear enough shot to see some of the remaining regional snow cover yesterday. There's still a few inches left here but it won't last too much longer at this rate.
  5. I've gotta say, the end of the blast last January was a lot nicer. We went into the rain shadow just as things were warming up, then stayed dry for another 4 days after it ended. It looked like this two days after the "warmup" and some melt/compaction: It's been mostly rainy here since the transition. Looks like things dry up tonight (at least away from areas with western upslope), perhaps there's still hope for a less sloppy melt-off.
  6. We had a brief transition to wet snow this afternoon so it certainly tracked south of here. Otherwise it's mostly been raining with a high of 37.5F.
  7. I've seen a full day of 34F rain do almost nothing to snow when not accompanied by wind. It melts much quicker when there's wind to go with it. If you have over 6" of snow tonight's conditions won't do much but compact it.
  8. Rain here, but it looks like a bit of snow mixing in just a little to our north on the highway to the airport.
  9. The 0z ECMWF shows a final burst of snow in the Fraser Valley overnight:
  10. Looks like it's starting to rain in Victoria now, the highway into town has that shiny look: I'm surprised how uniform the warmup has been. Even Hope deep in the Fraser Valley is reporting 33F with light rain. I guess it's warming from above much faster than at the lower levels.
  11. Family day. I can confirm that families were taking advantage of it at the local golf course, even saw some people try to take kayaks down that hill:
  12. Still all snow here at 32.7F. Without the extensive snow cover/light NE winds it'd likely be rain by now. The snow is just about done here, just very light at the moment.
  13. I rank this event higher than any from the past 10 years, if only because of the timing. It started on the Friday night of a long weekend (at least in BC) and is still going into Sunday night. The only timing that would be better would be around Christmas, but we did have the Dec 21st event with snow that stuck around this year. I'd take a cold clear day after yesterday's event over the day of wet snow we've had today but can't complain much either way.
  14. Still 32.7F here with moderate snow here, looks like this band doesn't have much more life in it, probably will be done in an hour or so. Has a much slushier feel to it now. Since temperatures rose above freezing there's only been maybe a half inch of accumulation in spite of moderate snow for hours:
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