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  1. I don’t want all the snow to go away, but I could really use a warm up to start getting some of this snow off my driveway.
  2. Official DBQ Airport measurement was 5.2.” Checks out based on what I’ve seen outside.
  3. Though it’s going to get really windy tonight, I’m really glad the snow today was actually rather peaceful. Just a fun snowfall to watch.
  4. Looks like one last round of heavy snow here. There was no snow on the deck railings in the picture below before today, so there’s been some pretty solid snowfall.
  5. Pictures never quite do it justice, but I feel like this a a pretty solid one of the currently heavy snowfall!
  6. Not getting the huge flakes some others are, but it’s coming down as quite a good rate.
  7. Looks like we’re all getting go witness some great snowfall right now. Great to see!
  8. Definitely a change over to at least mostly snow here.
  9. Actually, there might be a little mix already..
  10. Looks like we’re seeing some rainfall right now. Clock is on the change over!
  11. Good to see the reports of a quick changeover to snow.
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