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  1. 31.7F and rain here. Got a total of 7 inches during the whole event with a few layers of ice too. I'm glad this winter was able to redeem itself mostly with this regionwide event. I do wish the southern metro could have stayed all snow but regardless, a pretty dynamic and interesting event.
  2. Yep, dumping and accumulating quickly. Nice way to close out this event.
  3. My proximity to the Coast Range seems to be paying off at the moment. All snow here but sleet and ZR in Hillsboro and areas south and east at the moment. Radar looks really promising. Might actually manage an additional 1-2 in? The precip rates are strong.
  4. Snowing pretty heavily here from these showers.
  5. 925mb temps might be a hair above 0c here. Should be interesting to see what that approaching precip falls as.
  6. Fingers crossed. I ended up with about 4-5 inches overnight. No complaints even though it didn't live up to the crazy snow maps. An inch of snow, a layer of ice, sleet on top and then a few inches of snow. A fun event with lots of interesting pieces to it. BTW, looking at property on the WA side of the border in the coming year. Snowfall/microclimate will be a factor for me of course, what is the snowiest and most interesting spot on that side which isn't completely in the middle of no where? Camas and Cascade foot hills?
  7. Its interesting how close the snow/sleet line is. I am a few miles NW of HIO and its absolutely all snow here and yet I see HIO is still reporting sleet or unknown precip. I suspect you'll be changing over in the next hour.
  8. Went back and forth between sleet and snow for a bit but now precip turned up another notch here and just vomiting snow out of the sky now. Not sure my area right now can support 100% snow with lighter precip. I seem to be right on that sleet/snow line here. Fortunately the precip rate here has been great, mostly staying as snow. Hopefully the mid levels cool a hair in the coming hours.
  9. Yeah just nice to have a good regional event, especially in a winter that had been a real let down. Glad you guys up north are getting good stuff too.
  10. 24F and heavy snow here, absolutely dumping and accumulating fast. Sitting next to the fire and watching it all fall. I could get used to this. Might have to go grab a glass of wine or some bourbon or something.
  11. PDX NWS on the track of the low and the precip type. Most of the 12Z model guidance insisted the main surface low will track to near KAST by 15Z Sat. However, the initial frames of the 00Z NAM take the low to just east of KHQM 12Z Sat and then slip it south to the Long Beach Peninsula by 15Z. As of 0430Z the greatest 3-hr pressure falls were between KHQM and KUIL. The exact path of the low will highly determine the weather over the region. The Astoria profiler gives a good indication of the cold air depth along the north Oregon coast. At 04Z easterly flow was confined to around 1200 ft, w
  12. All snow here now. Just in time for this really heavy stuff coming in on the radar right now.
  13. Looks like crunchy snowy being reported downtown by Zaffino
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