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  1. Winds have really picked up here as outflow boundary moved in. Winds easily gusting 50-55mph, some gusts around 60mph likely.
  2. How do you think this is looking for CR? Should we expect heavy rain and strong winds here?
  3. The HRRR is suggesting that there could be a narrow 4-5" band somewhere in eastern Iowa. Looks like it's just north of highway 30 as of the most recent run. I doubt we will see more than 2" in CR but anything is possible. WWA just issued for CR.
  4. I finished with 5.8" of snow here. The higher end models were right on. It's amazing how we went from having severe thunderstorms with 60mph winds and heavy rain Saturday night to having almost 6 inches of snow just 24 hours later. The weather in the Midwest is interesting for sure!
  5. It was snowing pretty good here at times this afternoon. I'd say we got about half an inch. First measurable snow since January 15! I sure hope we can get at least 1 or 2 more good snowstorms around here, but the models don't look good. If it's not going to snow, let's just move on to spring and get some heavy rain and thunderstorms around here.
  6. Unreal, of course, Cedar Rapids would never get a storm like this. Normally, we should be getting more snow than St Louis and Chicago. It seems that those two cites have really become the epicenter of snow recently.
  7. It hasn't snowed here in over 2 weeks. I am starting to think we may not get any more snow this winter. The trends don't look good for snow around here.
  8. I'm thinking 4-6" is a good bet for CR. Most models have us within that range. A small eastward shift would be nice.
  9. DVN already issued a winter storm watch for CR/IC. Forecasting 4-6" here.
  10. Is it realistic to use the kuchera ratios for this clipper? What kind of ratios should we expect? As of now, I think 3-5" is a good bet for CR.
  11. Are there any signs of a winter storm for Iowa anytime soon? Right now, the models don't have much of anything here for awhile. I sure hope that changes.
  12. After getting about 7" of snow today, I would think that we are now into a more active weather pattern, but it looks like it could be awhile before we see any snow around here. Most models are pretty quiet for the next 2 weeks. I sure hope we can get some more winter storms around here.
  13. I thought it might be a bit high when I first measured it, but there is a report of 6.5" in CR from about an hour ago so it sounds about right to me. Edit: Measured again and got 6.7" in two measurements. I'll go with that, it's still snowing so I will likely finish with a bit over 7" for a total.
  14. This is amazing. I just measured 7.0" and now, a band of moderate snow with big flakes has formed over CR during the past hour. I was worried this morning that we may not get more than 3" but this storm has delivered big time around here.
  15. What are you thinking for CR? I hope we can get at least 6 or 7" out of this.
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