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  1. This looks weird.....kinda looks like an upside down triangle.
  2. Looks interesting, for sure. Lets see if any more westward movements will be in play. Wont take much to put me in the heavy snow accumulation. Mind you, this used to be wayyyy east. Cant believe how much west it has moved. I think for a time, the GFS was showing rain for Vermont . Nevertheless, bears watching over the coming days.
  3. Look at how close that precip is getting towards S MI. It clips me w/ 3-4inches. This used to be way more east. Looks like it has come west quite a bit. This looks like a near miss for the EC and more of an interior snowstorm w/ hvy amounts of snow. Again, looks like it brushes SEMI.
  4. This looks to be a very potent system. Anyone lands on its bullseye, will score bigly. Good luck to y'all who are in the path of this.
  5. Weak disturbance rolling on through tomorrow. I am only expecting an inch or 2 at the very most. I'll take it and run. The more wintry it looks w/ this arctic air over me, the better. Wednesday Mostly Cloudy then Snow Likely High: 36 °F Wednesday Night Snow Likely Low: 26 °F
  6. Break out the shorts. That must seem very balmy compare to what you have been dealing w.
  7. Here ya go KC peeps: Minneapolis, Des Moines and St. Louis are all facing substantial snow accumulations, and Atlanta could pick up its first accumulating snowfall since the winter of 2017-2018.
  8. How about this.....Holy Macro! An explosive just waiting to happen.
  9. Looks like places to the south are in for quite a bit of snow, "Potentially." EC could get clobbered!
  10. @ClintonRooting for ya bud....hope ya get tons outta this.
  11. @jaster220feel better bud! We need ya back here!!!!
  12. This pattern we are currently in is a great set-up for i-95 corridor for major winterstorms. Matter of time b4 they get clobbered. Meanwhile, a fast little disturbance might give my area a little snow Wednesday/Wed nite.
  13. Very active and frigid for many as the PV gets disrupted:
  14. The 18z GFS has a massive hit for NYC, LI, CT, and the Jersey shore and points north for later on this weekend. It bears watching. Not sure how this might affect our weather here in the Midwest, but it definitely needs to be monitored in the coming days. As shown on this run, it would be a big bomb cyclone with a very powerful blizzard over LI and other surrounding coastal locales. The Gfs has a low with a barometric pressure of 28.30 off the coast on Friday (Hurricane like conditions )Anyway ya slice it, get ready because this pattern coming up will get explosive for a lot of peeps on here, whether you are on the EC or the Midwest. Someone is going to get slammed real hard!!!
  15. Looks like icy conditions could develop tanite. Brutal cold follows this. Mondays nite lows here imby go below zero. Definitely coldest nite of the season.
  16. Check out this explosive on Winterstorm Garrett as it continues to move away from the major cities and heads on up to the Gulf of Maine. These folks are in for a treat! Wait..wut.......Flashbacks of 2013-14 (PV in the works??!!)
  17. Yes..that is what I was told too, in fact, my sister and brother-in law told me that they could not see the buildings just across from them. That is how heavy the snow was. This is why Meteorologists need to be very careful w/these Atlantic storms because they can provide some nice surprises (like this one did). Winter Wonderland for them... finally. Also, they are definitely behind in the snow dept. February is their snowiest month, so hopefully, they will catch up w/ some major snowstorms during that point of time. Btw: I saw the vid w/ Paul .G reporting in that hvy snow and man, B-Town was poundtown for those hours. Dang...!!!
  18. Sunshine is breaking through those low, gray clouds this morning, along w/ a current temp of 9F. Btw: That big Winterstorm out east did a a number in my hometown. : Huge overachiever. Looks like that storm backed up a bit more near the coastline. Family members and friends told me this was the first major snowfall of the season. Several spots in southern Connecticut received near a foot of snow. As cold air remains put, this snow aint going anywhere anytime soon. Happy for them! NOAA: Queens County... NYC/La Guardia 8.4 in 0700 AM 01/07 Official NWS Obs
  19. Hopefully, today I can catch a nice band and have it situated on top of my area for a bit. NOAA thinks that a possible banding could form between i-69 and i-94, or even further south than that. QUOTE: Through the late afternoon and evening, banding off of Lake Michigan will be possible given the better convergence and boost in saturation depths. Latest model guidance supports the possible banding location along or south of I69 later this afternoon, with a southward sag through the evening, nearing the I94 corridor. Low-level stability does increase through the evening hours, so if banding does set up over SE MI, integrity of the banding will wane through the late evening. A highly localized inch or more will be possible with this feature. END QUOTE
  20. Looks like they have upped the totals. These type of systems sometimes tend to energize last second.... Winter Weather Advisory URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service New York NY 355 AM EST Thu Jan 6 2022 NJZ002-004-006-103>108-NYZ069>075-176-178-062100- /O.NEW.KOKX.WW.Y.0003.220107T0500Z-220107T1700Z/ Western Passaic-Eastern Passaic-Hudson-Western Bergen- Eastern Bergen-Western Essex-Eastern Essex-Western Union- Eastern Union-Rockland-Northern Westchester-Southern Westchester- New York (Manhattan)-Bronx-Richmond (Staten Island)- Kings (Brooklyn)-Northern Queens-Southern Queens- 355 AM EST Thu Jan 6 2022 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO NOON EST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 5 inches. * WHERE...Portions of northeast New Jersey and southeast New York. * WHEN...From midnight tonight to noon EST Friday. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions will impact the morning commute. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Snowfall rates could range between one half inch and one inch per hour in any heavy snowbands.
  21. Yes, substantially weaker...2-4" at the most (leading w/2-3"). Up by Portland, ME, 6-12" is a good bet as the storm intensifies.
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